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Videomorpher is a video cropping and enhancement software solution. It allows you to crop, enhance and export videos. You can crop your videos to shorten them to save your bandwidth. With Videomorpher you can add video effects like light smoothing, edge-blur and video de-blurring to your videos. You can also apply enhancement to your videos to improve the quality of your videos. One of the features of Videomorpher is that it can export videos in different formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, MKV, MPG, FLV, MP3, WAV and more. You can also embed music into your videos. There is also a feature to convert videos between formats. All the effects are applied in real time in one stroke so you don’t have to restart your video. Videomorpher can be used to crop and enhance your photos and videos to remove unwanted parts. You can also work with your photos and videos with Videomorpher. You can add effects like light smoothing, edge-blur and video de-blurring to your photos. There are a few different export formats available. You can save your photos and videos in JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PSD, PDF, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, MPEG, MKV, 3GP, MP3, WMA, WAV, MP4, MP4, and more. There are also a few more features like reverse videos, GIF animations, watermarking, screen capture, text swap, image manipulation, image overlay, image replacement, rotoscoping, video frames addition, and video mask. Videomorpher Description:

Photo to PDF is a free, easy-to-use picture to PDF conversion program. By clicking an image file, Photo to PDF can make it to be an electronic PDF document. Besides, it is able to automatically save as a PDF file.
Photo to PDF Description:
Create PDF from image files
Photo to PDF converts images to Adobe PDF format and enhances the output document by adding the ability to crop, rotate, adjust the resolution and set the background color of your document.
A versatile solution
Photo to PDF is a versatile tool, supporting any types of image files, such as JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG, BMP, WMF, EMF, PCX, DPX, PSD, ICON,

StereomorpherPlus Free Download [32|64bit]

StereomorpherPlus is a software solution designed to generate new views basing on a stereo pair, in-between and outer views, the sequence of views is used for creating lenticular images. StereomorpherPlus offers a sleek and clean graphical interface with many nice tools at hand. It is capable of generating the most popular file types.
Creation of first and second outer view:
First outer view is a standard outer view. The number of layers is fixed to 3.
The second outer view is created by copying and shifting polygons from first view. These polygons are automatically cropped to the borders of the frame. If the frame is not square, the outer view is moved automatically to the left or right. If the frame is very small, you can manually move the view.
Stereomorphing of in-between view:
The in-between view is created by shifting polygons from left and right images by +/- 3px. If the frame is very small, then both views are placed inside and shifted to middle of the frame.
Second view can be created by copying and shifting polygons from first view or by stereo matching.
Similar images:
The software is designed for creating images with similar objects in left and right images. The shapes of the matching objects are copied in stereo picture.
Stereo images:
The stereo images function allows to create a stereo pair, in-between and outer images.
Lenticular images:
The software enables to create lenticular images.
BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF files may be used for input.
TIFF files in colour mode of the source files are used for output.
We provide version of StereomorpherPlus for Windows and Mac.
Select the License Type and click on the “Buy Now” button.

StereomorpherPlus Reviews


StereomorpherPlus is a software solution designed to generate new views basing on a stereo pair, in-between and outer views, the sequence of views is used for creating lenticular images. The stereo pair is created based on the left and right images in one step. It can create in-between and outer views, and it has the function of automatic polygons creation and Identical polygons can be created by stereo matching tool and be corrected manually. The polygons are created for one view only (left or right), then second view polygons are created by copying and shifting of first

StereomorpherPlus Full Product Key Free Download

StereomorpherPlus is an easy to use and intuitive software solution designed to generate new views basing on a stereo pair, in-between and outer views, the sequence of views is used for creating lenticular images. This program can be used to produce lenticular strips or lenticular web strips in easy to use graphical interface.

Is there a native app that would allow me to edit the metadata of my 1080p videos and compile it into a movie? I have a iMac and I use Final Cut Pro X. I recorded the content so I think I would prefer to use an app that allows me to edit the metadata of the videos. I would also like it to allow me to select specific clips and create a video from this and compile it into a video where it will loop automatically and it would have the same audio at the beginning and end of the video.


I prefer to use FCPX but the “Save As Video > Compile to Video > Loop” workflow has been working for me for a while.

To create the loop
Set your clips to Loop or use the many clip actions in FCPX to create the frames and then select all to add them.
You can then configure each of your clips to what you want to happen, duration, etc.
In the Compilation window, you can edit the settings for your clips. The info will appear in the Output section. Edit settings by changing the settings listed in the image below.
The placeholders will be set to match the duration of the clip. The default is to begin at the beginning, so unless you set the “Start at clip start” option under the settings window, your clip will begin with the first frame.
Here is the settings window, changing a few settings for the below clips. You can use this settings for each clip that is compiled.
To make the compilation process run faster, I add a run action (lower right) that lets me add or remove a clip.
You can load multiple files at once by holding down the Control key (PC users may need to hold Shift instead) while double-clicking on the files.

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What’s New in the StereomorpherPlus?

Do you know how to create your own videos from your own collection of images and backgrounds?
If you don’t know, you’re definitely missing out on a fun and interesting way to bring your pictures to life. A way to create your very own movie!
With StereomorpherPlus, you can add your favourite photos from your photo library to be used as your background.
What you will need:
– StereomorpherPlus for Mac (free)
– The applications you want to use (very small in size)
– Your own photos, photos from the Internet or any other kind of images
– A Mac that runs OS X 10.6 or higher
– Pictures and backgrounds you’d like to use for your photo slideshow
What will be different:
You can take your background photo selection process one step further and create your very own unique stereo pair, in-between and outer views and morph them into images in order to make your slideshow more interesting.
The settings of your photo collection will be saved as an MP3 for you to make your slideshow as flexible as possible.
New views can be created by subtracting or adding partial views by using the ‘Add’ and ‘Substract’ tools. StereomorpherPlus generates a normal image for each side of the two stereo pair views. Those normal images are merged by the stereo matching function.
The generated normal views are used for creating the in-between views. Left and right normal views from each stereo pair are merged and multiplied to create the in-between views. Outer views are created by using the in-between views as image templates.
New views can be edited by hand. The result can be saved as an MP3 or a PNG image. You can move or resize the images as required. Adding further details such as text, borders, shadows and gradients can be achieved easily with using the functions of simple graphic tools included in StereomorpherPlus.
What is unique about this software application?
StereomorpherPlus has many new features and tools that you won’t find in any other software.
– Easily create multiple-layered movies using that of your images to make your slide show interactive and versatile. The generated MP3 file can be imported into any music playback software.
– Multiple view sequences can be defined with a very nice and user friendly graphical interface. Two unique view sequences can be created and combined into one 3D view using ‘Merge’ tool. The generated

System Requirements:

Windows 10 (build 10586.2 or higher)
Intel Core i5-2400 or AMD equivalent
Intel HD Graphics or equivalent
Version 11
35 GB available space
Additional Notes:
CD Key activation required

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