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GPSMapEdit Portable 2306 Crack With Registration Code X64 [Updated]

Practical, nice and simple to use map editor:
GPSMapEdit Portable provides unique and easy-to-use editing capabilities for maps in the Windows XP environment.

The program is capable of working with all types of maps (shapefile, KML, GPX, GPS). All filters – zooming, select, move, offset, etc. – and editing options – create point, line, polyline, polygon, multiline and multipoint – are available, as well as the simple tag editing.

All the data are saved either in JPG or BMP format in a portable ZIP-archive. GPSMapEdit Portable can create standalone maps or it can work in conjunction with MAPS.MATE. Or include the maps editor into it, and it will be working as a full-featured map editor and navigation application in one tool.

Key features:
• Working with shapefiles and other *.map or *.shp maps
• Importing/exporting of KML, GPS and GPX files
• Drag’n’Drop interface
• Impressive amount of options to customize every aspect of the work
• Graphics editor
• Inserting of tags and notes into the maps

“PS3.chmod” (Perl script to modify the Owner and Group of a folder on the PS3)
If you have a PS3 then follow the following steps to chmod your PS3’s folders.
Back-up your system, just to be safe. Use “BACKUP.exe” to Backup your system.
Launch PS3.chmod
Make sure the folder you want to chmod is selected.
– From “My-documents” (My-documents folder)
– From “PUBLIC” folder
In both cases a “.” appears at the end. This step is in case of a folder with “. ” instead of the end of the folder, like this one: “Public.game_editions”
Press “A” to select the “A” button
Press “X” to select the “X” button
– From “PUBLIC”
After you’ve selected the folder press “Select File” and browse the folder you want to chmod
Press “A” to select the “A” button
Press “X” to select the “X

GPSMapEdit Portable 2306 Crack License Keygen PC/Windows

GPSMapEdit is a map editing application aimed to be used on mobile and desktop devices without the need for installation.

Using GPSMapEdit you can view, navigate, edit and save a variety of maps including GPS, KMZ, Map in Windows Icons and TXT, DOC, RTF, XLS, CSV and HTML formats.

GPSMapEdit can be used both in a portable form, as an Android and iOS application, and a server form. The application is open source and available under GNU General Public License.

For the client form you can use the client using Android or iOS smartphones and tablets.

For the server form you can use the standalone application or the mobile version via a Wifi connection or an Ethernet port.

GPSMapEdit helps you viewing, navigating, editing and saving a variety of maps, some of them in a XML-like format. The application also enables creation of your own maps.

Works great on my phone with WiFi. When I’m out of cell coverage I use GPSMapEdit Portable Cracked Version to show me a map and navigate to the destination.

The only thing I miss is a password protected area for notes. Most sites I use require me to go through a registration process, but GPSMapEdit should be able to handle this by itself.

John, thanks for the review. Regarding the password protection for your own notes you could upload a different file in the app. But if you don’t want to display personal data on your device simply unzip the archive and save a file called settings.xml. After that, it is used as main file on the device. Now, you can use an application which edits this file and deletes the password. If you have a similar need, please let me know so that I can add the related options to the GPSMapEdit.

Support for maps in the route directions, maps in the panorama view, off-route mode, allowing to hide the navigation view, bookmark system


GPSMapEdit is free software. It means you are free to use it for any purposes and do not have to pay for it. The only exception is commercial maps. In this case you have to buy this version of the software or alternatively contact the support.

Contact support

Please contact GPSMapEdit support if you need any help using the program or if you have some feedback that you want to share.

The version 4.0.0.

GPSMapEdit Portable 2306 Crack+

GPSMapEdit Portable is a lightweight and handy map creation tool with many useful features.
Using GPSMapEdit Portable you can open your files, create maps, align layers and much more.
Designed to be used from any location you can easily open files, create maps and edit them. You can use built-in tools, such as the lines editor, the points editor, the tables editor, the layers editor and the great features of the layers editor.
You can create your own waypoints, routes, lines and more. You can split your maps to see everything at once. You can create bookmarks and notes that can be used within other files.
GPSMapEdit Portable will keep all your files, your maps and your bookmarks close at your side and be ready to edit them at any time.
What’s New in GPSMapEdit Portable Version 10.3.4:
* Performance improvements.
* Minor bug fixes.
* Some minor language improvements.
* Minor UI improvements.
* Some minor spelling corrections.
* Fixed rendering of text font’s point size and line width.
* Fixed tiles not rendered on maps with Natural Earth images.
* Fixed issue caused by JRE 1.6 update 32.
* Other minor fixes and enhancements.Profiles





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What’s New in the?

GPSMapEdit Portable is a powerful tool for viewing and creating maps for various GPS devices.

Simple interface that allows you to work with files without installation. The program is really simple and easy to use. You can load maps right into any application in a split second, edit them, share them, search them and much more.

It works with any GPS device and any provider. You can download maps from Waze or download and customize maps from Google Earth.

No extra equipment is needed – just the device you want to use.

Manage content across multiple devices with the new, innovative “Cloud” mode!

Load, edit and share maps from your device or other files – directly within the application!

Support for numerous formats, customizable views and tools.

Support for ALAN Map, Garmin, Holux, iGO, Magellan and OziExplorer devices

Select and manage elements within a map

Multi-language version

*Note: GPSMapEdit Plus is also a free download, with features that do not include map sharing or “Cloud” support.

What’s New in this Release:

– Detailed descriptions and improvements are provided for each icon.

– New algorithms are used to improve the interface.

What’s New in this Release:

Detailed descriptions and improvements are provided for each icon.

New algorithms are used to improve the interface.


GPSMapEdit Portable is compatible with the following software and hardware:

New Features in Version 2.60:

– New and updated icons are provided.

– Description of each button is provided.

What’s New in this Release:

– Description of each button is provided.

– New icons are provided.

Fixed Bugs:

– Fixed bugs:

What’s New in this Release:

– New and updated icons are provided.

– Description of each button is provided.

What’s New in this Release:

– Description of each button is provided.

Fixed Bugs:

– Fixed bugs:

Please Upgrade to GPSMapEdit Plus:

For any other comments, bug reports or suggestions visit the software developer’s forums.


Requires registration before you can leave a review or message for help. Sign up here.


Rated 4 out of 5 stars


System Requirements:

Game Launcher
Version 3.20.0+
Please download the latest Game Launcher here
– Chromecasting
If you have a Google Chromecast or are using a Chromecast Audio, then Chromecasting is enabled. Chromecast users can watch the livestream on their television by using Chromecast, using the Google Chrome browser and accessing Google’s YouTube channel. You can also cast to any Chromecast device.
In order for Chromecasting to work, you must be running the latest version of Google Chrome.

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