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By / 13 July, 2022

If you are a non-native speaker, then you are probably familiar with how difficult it can be to create or edit documents that include Chinese characters.
Although you can download various applications that come with Chinese language support for your keyboard and you can manually modify your files, there is an easier way. You can use ChinaScribe, a simple, yet powerful dictionary that can help you create and edit two and three-lines Chinese documents.
Unsophisticated user interface
ChinaScribe provides you with a user-friendly layout that makes it possible even for novices to easily understand its abilities and fully benefit from them.
The dictionary features multiple functions, as you can search a word by its pronunciation (Pinyin) or its characters and also look up the Chinese correspondent for an English word.
In case the word you are looking for can be translated in multiple ways, all similar meanings are displayed in the main window. Furthermore, a link is provided for every entry, making it easier for you to find the exact term.
Create and edit documents
You can use this handy program with either Microsoft Office or OpenOffice, but you can choose an easier alternative, as well. Aside from its useful dictionary function, the program also packs a built-in word processor that allows you to create and edit documents that include Chinese characters.
It is possible to update your application by importing entries either from ChinaScribe users or from other dictionary tools, such as CC-CEDICT (Chinese-English), HanDeDict (Chinese-German) and CFDict (Chinese-French).
In addition, you can customize your own content and then share it online, thus contributing to the creation of a more comprehensive database.
Highly user-accessible
Although it may not be very useful to actually learn Chinese, this versatile utility provides you with an in-depth user guide that you can resort to, if you encounter difficulties.
In conclusion, ChinaScribe is a powerful dictionary tool you can easily use for creating and modifying documents that include Chinese characters.







ChinaScribe 6.5.83 Registration Code Free For Windows

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ChinaScribe 6.5.83 Crack Torrent (Activation Code)

Who were the first people to write Chinese language documents?
You can find it in history books. It was the Chinese, of course.
As long as they existed, they already managed to learn to read Chinese characters and used them in their documents. So why was it not the other way around? Why did they not learn from the beginning how to write the Chinese language in its proper form, why did they not learn the writing system and for how long did they write with their own script?
No one knows the actual answer. But here is a clue: The hieroglyphs were already present for centuries and the Chinese at that time could read and write them.
It took them, however, centuries to become familiar with the characters and by the mid-1st millennium BC they learned how to write in Chinese characters, more or less.
But the ideographic writing system was never used in China before then, rather it remained a “shadowy unknown”, and it never got much light. And this is also the reason that it took so long to develop into what it is today: the Chinese characters.
The use of the Chinese characters is a unique thing in the world of writing. It is an “invention” that lasted several thousand years and spread around the world.
At first, Chinese characters were invented as a logo-system for use on coins and stamps, but soon they were placed into documents as a normal writing system.
The first characters that are called Chinese were created at the beginning of the so-called Zhou Dynasty (roughly from 1122 BC) and since that time they have been used by the people of China, by their native inhabitants, by the thousands of immigrants from outside of China, but mainly by the Chinese, by Chinese people.
The history of the Chinese writing system is full of countless events and long periods of time with a lot of changes. And of course, it also has the usual “flowering and withering” periods, it has its “boom and bust”.
So let’s take a look at the history of the Chinese characters. It is interesting to see, how the Chinese characters got from the primordial stage to the present state and it is a matter of fact that it is not as well-known as it might be.
That’s why this fact and its special character history are presented in an easy to understand way.
Why the Chinese characters? You ask.
So first of all, Chinese characters are more “economical” and less

ChinaScribe 6.5.83 Free Registration Code Free Download [Win/Mac]

– Highly accessible dictionary that brings up the Chinese character for every English word you look up
– Allows you to work with Microsoft Office or OpenOffice
– Import words from another dictionary or write new entries
– Export words to other applications
– Supports over 10 languages

ChinaScribe 4.0 is freeware. As a free software, it comes with no warranty and cannot be redistributed. You are permitted to use it for private and non-commercial use.
To contact ChinaScribe, please e-mail to us at For comments or suggestions, please e-mail to us at

ChinaScribe is designed as a personal dictionary for easy access in creating documents in Chinese. In general, you can perform all the above functions, except searching a word by pronunciation instead of its characters. (You can do that too, however, by using the “Pinyin” search function).

ChinaScribe has two key functions: a dictionary to find the character of a word, and an integrated word processor with a few additional features.

ChinaScribe can be very useful to people outside of China. It works well with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and European languages.

Having said that, the program’s strengths do not come from the dictionary itself but from the excellent interface which is the best I have come across.

Of course it is up to the user to get the most out of the program, but all in all I recommend it. ChinaScribe can be used with Microsoft Office and OpenOffice. Microsoft Office is the more powerful package, but OpenOffice can be a good alternative if you are on a less powerful computer, or you are only using it for occasional work with documents. Both programs run on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.

Please keep in mind that ChinaScribe is designed for use with Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and European languages. If you use it with other languages like Arabic or Russian, we’d appreciate it if you’d let us know by sending an e-mail, or by posting about it on Thanks!

ChinaScribe Features:

Main Features

1. A dictionary to find the character of a word
ChinaScribe provides a dictionary to search words based on their character. The words listed are sorted alphabetically

What’s New in the ChinaScribe?

The database contains over 100,000 entries, such as name, surname, place of origin, old, original and simplified pronunciations of Chinese characters and more.
The dictionary is easy to use, you can search the database by typing the first characters of the character to search for. All relevant entries will be displayed.
When you have found an entry, you can:
– search for it again directly within the entry;
– highlight and copy selected entries;
– use the options menu to set a desired search mode;
– choose the displayed pronunciation;
– translate and add Chinese translations for your selected translation source;
– add your own entries for the entries that are not available in the database;
– create text files of your entries.

With its premium database it provides more than 500,000 Chinese characters at your disposal. You can search all characters by search categories and by type character, pinyin or Chinese name. In addition it contains historical, simplified and traditional pronunciations of Chinese characters and even the pronunciation of Chinese dialects. You can even preview a Chinese character after a search by the pronunciation.
ChinaScribe is not a dictionary that you have to buy separately, but an extension of Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.

ChinaScribe is an update of CScribe written in C++ using as a reference. It is a great dictionary that allows you to look up Chinese characters and over one hundred thousand of them directly in the Dictionary as well as looking them up with the pinyin standard. It includes all the characters that are available in Microsoft Office, which is why it is compatible with Microsoft Office and An open and FREE dictionary for your computer or on the net!

ChinaScribe is a powerful dictionary tool you can use for creating and modifying Chinese documents. It gives you the possibility to open and edit two and three-lines documents in the Chinese language. You can also export a part of a document and import it back to your favorite word processor. The application combines the vast character set in the database with the ease of use of a simple dictionary application.

The ChinaScribe database contains over 100,000 entries, such as name, surname, place of origin, old, original and simplified pronunciations of Chinese characters and more. You can search all characters by search categories and by type character, pinyin or Chinese name. In addition, it contains historical, simplified and traditional pronunci

System Requirements For ChinaScribe:

2GHz Dual-Core or faster processor
Windows 7 64-bit (32-bit also supported)
2GB RAM (4GB recommended)
50MB available hard disk space
HDD 800M
DirectX 9 compatible sound card
DirectX 9 compatible video card with 128MB of video RAM
Play an original soundtrack of a 5-minute video along with

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