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Overall, Photoshop is a tool for artists to create beautiful and visually sophisticated imagery for a living or just for fun.

Photoshop’s Core Functions

Basic Tools

Photoshop has tools for creating, editing, and organizing imagery. The following list includes some of the tools that make up Photoshop’s features.

The tools that are shown in the following images are:

Photoshop’s drag tools offer some of the most versatile features available. The tools include the hand tool, which is used to move a selection or shape around, and the brush tool, which is used to apply a pattern, such as an eraser, to a specific area of an image. Both tools can be used with the Eraser tool to delete what has already been selected.

Selections and Layers are what enables Photoshop to edit an image. Whether it is to create a new layer, create a new selection, fill a selection, or apply a pattern fill to an area, the layer is what controls the edit. All the tools use this concept, which makes it easy to add layers, remove layers, and edit layer properties.

The Command/Shortcut Key Combination Keys With Shortcuts

Photoshop has several buttons that enable immediate access to most of the tools and features. The Command and Shortcut Key combinations allow users to execute actions with a single button press of the Ctrl key, instead of clicking on a mouse button to perform an action. Most of the tools are enabled through a combination of the Command and Shortcut Key combinations, which are listed in the following table.

Command Key: (default) Shift

Shortcut Key: Ctrl

Adobe’s Quick Mask menu allows for masks to be created easily by adding points to the image and adjusting them with the mouse. When an active mask is selected, the points in the mask can be adjusted, such as in the example images on this page, by moving the points with the mouse.

More Masking Options In Photoshop CS5

Photoshop CS5 was a big release, and some of the features, such as the Quick Mask, are nice additions to the program. Now that you know some of the Photoshop CS5 features, you should be able to get a handle on the rest of the features by using these tools and concepts. Now let’s get to the how-to guides.

Creating a New Layer and Using the Hand Tool to Adjust a Layer


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We’ve selected these tools, with an eye on both their power, usability and compatibility with apps on a range of platforms, including smartphones. For those on a tight budget, one of our favourite free image editors is also a Photoshop alternative – Pixlr-oX.

We’ve also included handy apps and plugins that can be used with Photoshop to make it even more powerful and efficient.

Free alternative software to Photoshop

Pixlr-oX is a web-based editor that was created by a Scottish ex-photographer. It can be accessed from any device with a browser, and doesn’t need any plugins or updates. It’s a simple image editor that includes basic editing tools like resizing, cropping, and altering brightness and contrast, but it also contains many of the common photo-editing functions that you’ll find in Adobe Photoshop or GIMP. You can use it to edit your photos and video as well as create art.


It includes over 4,000 easy-to-use presets and filters.

It allows you to edit your photos or videos in a split-screen view.

The Crop feature allows you to adjust the size and position of the photo before you export it. You can crop your images or videos to remove unwanted objects or parts of the image.

You can alter the brightness and contrast of your photos, and use the tools to adjust skin tones and reduce red eye.

You can remove noise and use various blur tools to add blur to your images.

You can also sharpen or soften your images.

You can use the eraser tool to remove unwanted spots from your image.

You can use the brightness and contrast tools to adjust the colour of your photos, and undo it to restore the original image.

The pencil tool allows you to draw over your image to add more detail.

You can use the paint bucket tool to add various colours.

You can apply preset effects to your image and paint over it to create original images.

You can apply special effects to your images.

The red eye tool allows you to remove the red spots in your image.

You can create text on your images.

You can create frames for your images.

You can add layers to your images, which you can combine, remove or merge.

You can add various effects to your images

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