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To learn about Photoshop’s features, read the books _Adobe Photoshop CS3 For Dummies_ (5th Edition) and _Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 For Dummies_ (5th Edition). And for the newest features in Photoshop, check out the book _Photoshop CS6 For Photographers,_ by Robert Brinkmann (Wiley). Also, don’t overlook online photo editing tutorial sites that include Photoshop training. But with so many wonderful tools and image editing features available, how do you know which ones you should use when? You can use this list to evaluate the best software for your needs. Adjusting color with curves One of the most powerful features in Photoshop is the Curves adjustment tool, in which you can edit tone, color, and contrast by manipulating the curve of each color channel. (You can also use the Hue-Saturation or the Saturation Layers features for color adjustments, but the Curves feature provides a more precise way to interact with color data and data values.) For example, check out Figure 12-1, which shows an image with a blue sky and a photo of a mountain over the way. I use the Curves tool to set the curve to a different visual slope. **Figure 12-1:** Using the Curves tool to adjust tones. Creating a mask To change the pixels in the foreground and background, you can use Photoshop’s Masking tools, which enable you to select part of an image and use the Paint Bucket tool to erase all the pixels in the masked area. To make the background look more consistent or flatten an image, you can use the Background Eraser tool, which can remove pixels anywhere in the background, as shown in Figure 12-2. **Figure 12-2:** Using the masking tools to edit photos. Here’s how to use the masking tools: Choose View⇒Overlay Panel⇒Show Overlay Panel. Make sure you have the right image layer selected for editing (you can select multiple layers, if desired, just by holding down the Ctrl (Windows) or (Mac) key while you click) and choose View⇒Overlay Panel⇒Show Masking. Photoshop displays the masking area at the bottom of the image window, as shown in Figure 12-3. To apply the mask, click a masked area with the Paint Bucket tool. **Figure 12

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In this article, you will learn how to draw and animate a simple mobile robot in Photoshop. What you need? To create mobile robots in Photoshop, you will need to follow some simple steps. First, you will need to create a new document. Second, you will need to draw the robot head and body. Finally, you will need to give life to the mechanical limbs. Create a new document The new document will be about 800 pixels wide and 500 pixels tall. Open Photoshop Go to File > New to create a new document. Image: Go to File > New to create a new document. The New Document window. The New Document window has several options: Size: This option is useful when you need to create a new document from an existing image. Select the “Image” option, choose the source file to open and specify the size of the new document using the “px” system measurement. Object: This option is useful if you want to use your scanner, tablet, projector or any other device to create a new document. Choose the “Image” option, select the type of device (e.g., scanner) and add the device to the “Input Device:” field. Choose “OK” to accept the default resolution settings or enter the resolution manually. Type: Choose a simple document type or an image document type depending on your needs. If you want to create a new color document, you will need to select the “Color” option. Background: Choose a color for the background if you want. Image: Select the “Image” option and choose a custom background or any color or image. The document type you select will determine how the background color will be applied to the document. Resolution: Choose a resolution and scaling factor if you want to create a document that will be printed or displayed on a screen. The resolution is the number of pixels per inch. A standard resolution is 72 dots per inch (dpi). Gamut: Choose a gamut of colors. By default, Photoshop will choose a sRGB color space. This type of color space is designed for computer monitors, but you will not be able to edit sRGB images if they are intended for print. If you want to edit a high-quality, low-gamut image, 05a79cecff

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Memory: 2048MB – 5GB RAM Processor: 1.6GHz dual-core or higher DirectX: Version 9.0 Hard Drive: 4GB available space P.S. Video driver installation is currently not supported on Linux platforms. For Windows 8/8.1 users, no special modifications were needed to play the game. P.S. In case of game breaking bugs, please file a report in the in-game feedback. Credit:

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