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Although Photoshop is not a tool for design, it can be used in a similar manner as Illustrator. It is powerful tool for creating images and designs.

Part of the reason Photoshop dominates the industry is its enormous application library. Photoshop CS6 provides a host of tools, including the following:

New tools from all the major graphic software vendors: You can use tools from Corel, Adobe, Lyx, and others to create and manipulate designs in Photoshop.

Tools for creating a variety of objects, from characters to schematic symbols: You can create and modify any type of shape and character, and then apply them to layers that can be positioned, resized, moved, rotated, and so on.

Tools to apply special effects to your design: Do you want a gradient, a rubber stamp, or a design overlay? Photoshop has all the tools you need to make these items a reality.

Tools to create specialty effects such as noise and sparkles: Any element of an image can be added or replaced with a 3D-type effect to give it depth and the appearance of a particular material.

Tools for blending and composite: Any object can be combined in any configuration using blending modes or other techniques.

Tools for combining layers: Layers can be moved, resized, and otherwise manipulated, depending on the layer type.

Tools for creating a variety of filters: Images can be saved in a variety of formats, and Photoshop includes a number of filter effects.

Tools for creating a variety of effects: In addition to filters, effects can be applied to layers, and then layers can be assembled to create a final image.

Tools for producing black-and-white images: There is not a single element of an image that isn’t easily adapted into black-and-white.

Tools for working with small photos: The size of a conventional color file can be enlarged, reduced, rotated, and often improved using some of Photoshop’s tools and techniques.

Tools for creating large images: For any size project, image content is often scaled up to meet a project requirement.

Tools for previewing your work: Any layer or object can be displayed with or without transparency, rotated, or scaled.

As with other professional photo and digital-imaging software, Photoshop may not be the right tool for all your creative ideas. You can use Photoshop to create images that look like traditional illustrations. Its combination of tools and layers enables you to create any

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Note: If you’re looking for a video course that teaches you how to use Photoshop right away, check out our course on the best way to learn Photoshop. We cover the main features of Photoshop and offer real projects that will help you master the software.

In this web-exclusive article, we’ll show you how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements, even if you have no experience with the program. We’ll start by demonstrating a simple use of Photoshop Elements and review its features to show you how to perform image edits, crop images, retouch portraits, design a logo, create high-quality images and more.

Username, Library, and navigation

Open the image of someone you know (or any image with your name). Then choose Edit → Canvas Size. Photoshop Elements will resize your image to the size it needs, based on the image resolution.

Locate the position you’d like to start working. You can select the crop tool in the Tools panel or switch to the Crop tool in the Tool Options bar, choose either the crop square or the crop rectangle, and then click an area of the image. Or, if you know where the crop should start, you can click the crop guideline in the Crop tool options bar.

The new selection is now active and ready for work.

Editing, cropping, and retouching

If you want to crop images, you can use the crop tool in three ways.

Option 1. Click the crop tool and drag to select the area you want to crop. A rectangular box will appear around the area. Drag inside the box to crop it or drag outside the box to remove the cropped area. Option 2. Click the crop tool to create a crop square. Type the exact width or height of the crop square, then click and drag to select the crop square. Option 3. Click the crop tool to create a crop rectangle. Type the exact width and height of the crop rectangle, then click and drag to select the crop rectangle.

If you want to remove any unwanted parts of the image, the Eraser tool is your best friend. Select it by clicking on the Eraser tool icon in the toolbar, or by choosing Edit → Eraser. You can even use it to remove small elements such as specks of dust, strange objects, or even people.

Layer styles and textures

Layers are an essential part of Photoshop

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How to Clean Your iPhone 7 Screen

You just got your shiny new iPhone 7, and it looks like it’s never been cleaned before. It feels cold to the touch, and looks dirty too. Don’t worry, this won’t hurt the iPhone 7, but it sure looks gross, and it might be difficult to clean it up. Fortunately, with just a few simple tips, your iPhone 7 can be like new again, and ready to get back to business. Here’s how to clean the iPhone 7 screen:

Remove your iPhone 7 from its case

The first step is the hardest, as you won’t be able to clean the screen if you’re holding your iPhone 7 in its case. Take it out of the case, and set it down on a clean, flat surface. Depending on your cleanliness, you may need to place it on a surface that will dry after you clean it. A towel will work, but a dry towel will do a better job.

The actual cleaning process is simple, but the parts used may be a bit confusing. The screen of your iPhone 7 has an LCD display and a touch panel. There’s also the front and back glass, which touch and are touch-sensitive. Here are the parts of your iPhone 7 that you need to clean and how to clean them:

The Touch Panel

The touch panel of the iPhone 7 is easy to clean. All you need is a clean cloth, and some rubbing alcohol (like the kind used for dishes). The alcohol will clean any finger oils and other foreign objects that have gathered on the surface of the touch panel.

The glass, which is used to protect the touch panel, isn’t exactly easy to clean. Fortunately, it’s actually pretty easy to clean. There are two tricks to getting a clean surface for the glass. The first is to hold the glass up to a light, and look for any dirt that may be on the glass. You’ll most likely find some dirt on the glass, but don’t worry, that’s the easiest part. The next trick is to get a new microfiber cloth. These microfiber cloths look and feel just like plain terry cloth towels, but they’re made for cleaning glass. They don’t leave your house looking dirty or making your clothes dirty.

To clean the glass, hold the glass up to the light, and look for any dirt on it. Use the microfiber cloth and wipe down the glass. You can clean

System Requirements For Photoshop 2021:

iOS 10 or above
iOS 11 Beta
Progression 1.0.9 requires iPad 3 or above
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