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Creating and editing layers

The most important aspect of Photoshop is the _layer,_ which enables you to combine many objects and images into a single image by _layering_ the image onto another layer. Each layer consists of a transparent area and an opaque area. You can mask areas of a layer so they are hidden, and you can alter the transparency of an individual layer (see the following section for more on this).

A _layer mask

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This tutorial will walk you through the steps involved in opening a file from your computer and editing it in Photoshop Elements.

What’s New In Photoshop Elements 18?

This is the latest version of Photoshop Elements 18. Here’s a brief summary of some of the changes.

Open and Close File

You no longer have to wait for the program to “load” the image. You can now open or close a file from a menu, or by pressing Enter on your keyboard.

You can open and close an image from the Windows Explorer window.

How to Edit an Image in Photoshop Elements

You can use Photoshop Elements to edit photos and create images for use in social media, on the web, or as printable posters.


You can open a file from your computer in Photoshop Elements by going to File > Open.

You can also open a file from the computer via File > Open From Computer…

You can open and close a file from a menu: File > Open or File > Close

Change File Type

You can change the file type for an image before you open it in the application, by going to File > Change Type and specifying the type of file you want to open.

When a file is being opened for the first time, the type is automatically set. This is the default view and is called the DNG (RAW) format.

When a file is being opened for the first time, the type is automatically set. This is the default view and is called the DNG (RAW) format.

Work with DNG RAW Files

DNG RAW Files are digital photo files that are designed to be used with professional (professional) digital cameras. They contain the highest quality photographs. Photoshop Elements will allow you to edit DNG RAW files. The application will automatically convert the image to a format that is more easily editable, so you can add the types of corrections that you would make in a high-end software application, such as sharpening, sizing and contrast adjustments. DNG RAW files contain the highest quality photographs. They are developed using the same process as the cameras they are intended to be used with. When opening these files you can click on the “Open as DNG (RAW)” button in the bottom of the image window, to open a DNG RAW file. You can then use the Image Adjustments panel

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The end of the high street? Say hello to the neighborhood co-op.

Jul 29, 2018

‘Neighborhood’ could just be the new type of co-op with the power to deliver a new type of retail.

The UK retail industry is in the midst of transformation, with the dominance of big chains giving way to a market where local businesses can compete on unique services and customer service. Large chains are struggling to cope with the growth of online shopping. Brick-and-mortar retailers are focusing their efforts on the high street, opening locations in smaller, ‘multi-use’ space to attract shoppers.

However, the high street is not always a welcoming or attractive place to be, with some small shops fear that young people are choosing to shop online.

For many people, the high street is where they shop. Yet as commerce shifted online, many high street businesses have shrunk, with landlords cashing in on the units at an unsustainable rate. Local community groups are branching out beyond the traditional roles of providing social and educational services. Suddenly, they are appealing to demographic groups that have seen the value of online commerce.

Neighborhood co-ops have the potential to become the retail space of the future. After a number of years working in the non-profit sector, I’ve seen the viability of these locally owned businesses.

Neighborhood co-ops: what are they?

Neighborhood co-ops were born in the ‘70s as a reaction to the decline of the UK’s town centre. Key influences in the rise of these businesses were The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Institute (founded in 1937) and the Community Interest Company (CIC) (now known as Community Interest Company (CIC)) (1975).

Neighborhood co-ops may or may not have a central governing body, but they share a couple of core principles.

Neighborhood co-ops are locally owned businesses. They are owned and run by members of the local community who have a vested interest in making the business successful. As a small business owner, you’ll be part of your local community, providing goods and services for

What’s New in the?


If textBox value is same as dropDownList value then HighLight

I would like to know how to highlight a textBox that’s value is same as the one from a dropDownList.
I’ve create this code:
private void txtBox1_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
dropdownlist1.SelectedIndex = dropdownlist1.Items.IndexOf(textBox1.Text);
textBox1.BackColor = Color.Silver;

private void txtBox2_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
dropdownlist2.SelectedIndex = dropdownlist2.Items.IndexOf(textBox2.Text);
textBox2.BackColor = Color.Silver;

private void btnTest1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
dropdownlist1.SelectedIndex = dropdownlist1.Items.IndexOf(textBox1.Text);
dropdownlist2.SelectedIndex = dropdownlist2.Items.IndexOf(textBox2.Text);

And I would like when the user change the values of the textBoxes the backColor will be changed to Silver, if the values are the same the backColor will be changed to White, if the values are not the same both textBox and dropDownList will be back to normal.


Try this:
private void txtBox1_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
dropdownlist1.SelectedIndex = dropdownlist1.Items.IndexOf(textBox1.Text);
if (dropdownlist1.SelectedIndex == -1 || dropdownlist1.SelectedIndex == dropdownlist1.Items.Count – 1)
textBox1.BackColor = Color.Silver;


How to use Sub

System Requirements:

AMD FX processors and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 series or higher
At least 8 GB RAM
Windows 8/8.1 64-bit
English language only
3:10 B:W preset
NVIDIA Surround technology
DVD-R or Blu-Ray disc (DVD-9)
The maximum number of players is four (4).
You can only play movies in the following resolution modes:
2160p (4K)
1080p (Full HD)
720p (Standard HD)

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