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In this book, we focus on the tools available for creating images from scratch in Photoshop. Many of the techniques we introduce involve modifying or creating files in Photoshop’s drawing/graphics mode, and in Chapter 4 we’ll provide more details about drawing-based editing in Photoshop.

* **Raster graphics editing** : Photoshop includes the most comprehensive arsenal of raster-based editing tools for raster images, including all the necessary operations that you’d expect from a serious image editor.
* **File formats** : Photoshop supports many file formats for working with graphics. The classic formats are JPEG, TIFF, and PNG, although since Photoshop CS3, you can also save files to the new Portable Network Graphics format.

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It can be downloaded for Windows, macOS and Android devices.

What’s better about Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop gives you all the power you need in order to edit and create images, videos, movies, blogs, and more. It allows you to rotate, crop, resize, warp, frame, or print your pictures.

Photoshop can be used in a variety of ways. If you want to learn Photoshop, you can experiment with different effects or make alterations to your photos.

Whether you want to add effects to a photo, or simply fix it, Photoshop is definitely the tool you need for any creative task.

Photoshop can be used for images of any kind, it is most commonly associated with photography, so if you are a professional photographer, it is the perfect tool for editing your images.

What are the common uses for Photoshop?

Here are some common uses for Photoshop:

1. Edit photos:

Photoshop is a wonderful tool for editing and retouching images. It’s easy to manage your images and easily switch from one image to another.

You can use Photoshop for many different purposes. You can crop, resize, rotate, frame, or enhance your images. Photoshop comes with its own camera raw plugin which can directly edit RAW images. You can change all of your image settings using this plugin.

When you have edited your pictures, you can save them as JPEG, PNG, PSD, and TIFF files.

2. Create logo graphics:

Logos are the main element of a website, but they don’t have to be a bitmap logo. Creating a logo in Photoshop is the best way to create a unique, custom logo design.

Unlike other programs, Photoshop gives you a lot of freedom. You can create logo designs in many formats, design graphics in PSD or Ai, or use several different graphic designs.

3. Create stock photos:

Stock photos are images taken by a professional photographer for use in different media, such as websites, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, or graphic design.

Stock images can help designers save time and money. When working in a team, you can easily share your photos with your teammates. You don’t have to send files back and forth.

4. Create websites:

Creating a website in Photoshop can be as fun as creating a website in a different program

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System Requirements:

Mac OS X:
a version of Mono 2.10 or later
Some packages of tools to run on Windows
Install instructions:
Linux/Mac OS X
1. Download the source files, using the links provided below.
2. Run the commands listed below. If you run on Mac OS X or Linux, I will assume you know what you’re doing. If not, you’ll need to do some research.

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