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Overview of AutoCAD Crack For Windows

The product line was introduced as ‘AutoCAD’ in 1987, and was initially marketed to engineers and architects, making it one of the first desktop CAD software products of the 1980s. AutoCAD was the first of three product lines developed by Autodesk. Autodesk bought Connex in 1988 to develop the first client/server-based Autocad, and later acquired the 3D product FutureSpline to develop the next generation of desktop CAD tools.

AutoCAD has been continuously developed since 1982 and now supports natively the majority of Windows operating systems, the Mac OS X operating system and the Linux operating system. It is still supported by Autodesk, and is one of the most popular CAD applications.

Today, the core product of AutoCAD consists of three types of products: CAD, DWG and DXF. A native Mac OS X version of the CAD and DWG products, and a Web-based version of the DXF product is also available.

AutoCAD is available for free on all the platforms it supports as long as it is registered. The recommended per-seat license for commercial users is $2,995 USD.

The main purpose of AutoCAD is to allow the user to create 2D or 3D drawings and models to allow engineers and architects to design and produce technical drawings or models, and deliver them to their clients or partners.

Main Features

Most of the features are not available in the free version of AutoCAD, but the list below includes some of the most useful ones.

Vector graphics, including precise editing tools for line, polyline, spline, polygon and 3D models, conversion to editable vector objects, and vector/lattice options for editing lines and arcs. More than one AutoCAD user can work at the same time, with each editable layer of a drawing being stored in a separate file.

Text, including its formatting options, styles, formatting options for attributes, and True Type fonts.

Scales and measurements.

Align to grid, align to points and assign to grid.

Paper space, including creation, layout and editing options.

Snap, including tracking and aligning to distances, and alignment rules.

Rulers, including multiple views of rulers and measured distance units.

Cameras, including rotation and zooming.

Cuts, including

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File format

AutoCAD is the only computer-aided drafting system that uses native-compressed DXF format to save drawings. This allows for the sharing of files between many CAD systems without having to recompress the file. In addition, it makes data transfer between different operating systems possible.

Vector data

AutoCAD supports a variety of vector data formats such as DXF, DWG, SVG, PDF, DWZ, DWF, etc..DWG is a vector format for drafting created by AutoCAD. It can support the inclusion of geometries, materials, and color tables. Several other file formats that support vector data include, for example, DXF, DWG, DWF, and PDF.


An AutoLISP object can be built from lines or splines. Lines can be modified in AutoCAD as they move, editable, collapsed and segmented.

Object data

In AutoCAD, objects are used to create models of real-world items. Object data can be displayed in 3D or converted into and displayed in AutoCAD’s native format. Object data can be based on a CAD model, a model from a CAD system, or a real-world object. In AutoCAD 2009 and later, objects can be edited in various 3D views. In addition, AutoCAD can incorporate object data from other AutoCAD or third-party applications.


In AutoCAD, text is added to objects. There are many options that can affect its display. Text can be rotated, mirrored, text-wrapped, or an existing object’s text can be replaced by text from a separate object. Text can also be hidden or shown on a layer. Text can be formatted, including font, size, and color.


In AutoCAD, objects are the basic building blocks for models. An object is what is used to build models and what is included in a drawing. It can have a variety of properties, including snap-to, rotation, scale, and location. It can also be a group, which is a container for other objects and provides some properties, such as color, to the group. Objects can be manipulated, including rotated, sized, and deleted. They can be linked to other objects.


AutoCAD provides two methods of object placement. The first is a placement constraint. Placement constraints are used

AutoCAD For Windows

Enter ‘Start’ in the top left hand corner.

Select ‘Working’ to go to the primary menu.

Select ‘My Documents’ from the folder menu.

Select ‘My CAD Work’ from the ‘Documents’ menu.

Locate and double-click the file ‘Keygen_v2.3.xls’.

Select the ‘Start’ button.

Press the ‘R’ key and the ‘C’ key.

Enter the name you want to give the new key.

Press the ‘R’ key and the ‘C’ key.

Type ‘1’ in the red box.

Press the ‘R’ key and the ‘C’ key.

Type ‘2’ in the red box.

Press the ‘R’ key and the ‘C’ key.

Type ‘3’ in the red box.

Press the ‘R’ key and the ‘C’ key.

Type ‘4’ in the red box.

Press the ‘R’ key and the ‘C’ key.

Type ‘5’ in the red box.

Press the ‘R’ key and the ‘C’ key.

Type ‘6’ in the red box.

Press the ‘R’ key and the ‘C’ key.

Type ‘7’ in the red box.

Press the ‘R’ key and the ‘C’ key.

Type ‘8’ in the red box.

Press the ‘R’ key and the ‘C’ key.

Type ‘9’ in the red box.

Press the ‘R’ key and the ‘C’ key.

Type ‘0’ in the red box.

Press the ‘R’ key and the ‘C’ key.

Press ‘Enter’.

Press the ‘R’ key and the ‘C’ key.

Press ‘Enter’.

Press the ‘R’ key and the ‘C’ key.

Press ‘Enter’.

Press the ‘R’ key and the ‘C’ key.

Press ‘Enter’.

Press the ‘R’ key and the ‘C’ key.

Press ‘Enter’.

Press the ‘R’ key and the ‘C’ key.

Press ‘Enter’.

Press the ‘R’ key and the ‘C’ key.

Press ‘Enter’.

Press the ‘R’ key and the ‘C’ key.

Press ‘Enter’.

Press the ‘R’ key and the ‘C’ key.

Press ‘

What’s New In?

Speed up your CAD workflow with the new Markup Assist feature. We’ve bundled common markup tools into a single tool for convenient access and speed, without the need to create and save a new file. (video: 0:57 min.)

Quickly switch between Draw and Drafting mode. Automatically switch back to Drafting mode when opening a modeling or drawing document. (video: 1:28 min.)

Sync Dynamic Tools:

Receive updates on real-time progress in synchronization tools – for example, when you’re in “checkpoint” mode. Automatically update the drawing or model based on changes made to a shared cloud database. (video: 1:55 min.)

Link to Microsoft Excel

Autocad 2023 is now linked to Microsoft Excel and when you open a drawing file that is saved in Excel format you can automatically open the drawing in Excel and create a new table to link CAD data to your Excel data. (video: 2:19 min.)

Drastically improved Mobile Connectivity.

Drawing Tools:

Designing on the iPad or Surface makes things even easier. AutoCAD 2023 allows you to continue working on iPad and Surface with the same tools and productivity enhancements that were previously only available on Windows-based PCs. (video: 1:16 min.)

Leverage a new multi-touch interface.

Drawing symbols on iPad:

Touch the drawing area of any tool to draw, label, place or convert an object. Work with multiple objects simultaneously without any other actions needed. (video: 0:57 min.)

Combine any geometric or parametric objects to create a unique object. (video: 1:04 min.)

Create clean lines with the Curvature, Zigzag, Subdivision and Edge Styles.

Delete vertices with the Delete command and navigate through layers with the Select command.

Convert groups of vertices, layers and fill colors.

Merge selected objects using the Intersect command.

Trim contours and paths with the Trim command.

Use the Bridge command to connect separate objects.

Set radial gradient fills and overlays.

Create a linked shape.

Convert 3D models.

Enhance Navisworks:

Integrate Navisworks products into AutoCAD for efficient model coordination. Import models from Navis

System Requirements:

Windows XP or Vista
1 GHz of CPU
800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 resolution screen
DirectX 8 Compatible graphic card with 128 MB of RAM
sound card compatible with Microsoft DirectX
80 MB of free space on HDD
Communication module in the box
2×2 antennas
Dual-band USB Cable
User’s manual
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