Medal Of Honor Warfighter Update

Medal Of Honor Warfighter Update

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Medal Of Honor Warfighter Update

What I’d like to do is, if someone enters a URL that matches the format of the file (Eg:

So if anyone enters the above URL, the code should replace it with something else, and print out the corresponding download link.
Ideally, I want it to work as a semi-automated tool, so that it does everything automatically.
Here’s the code I have so far:
if (strstr(file_name, “”))
$url = strstr(file_name, “”);
$download_link = ”;
} else {
$url = file_name;
$download_link = ”;

$download_text = preg_replace($url, $download_link, $url);
echo $download_text;

But it’s getting the path/file name wrong.
I hope someone can help.


You can do something like this:
$str = “”;

if (strpos($str, ”)!== FALSE) {
echo ”.$str.”;
} else {
echo $str;

PHP will automatically search for the substring ” in the provided string and then echo the string from the start to where the match was found. If the substring wasn’t found, the provided string will be echoed.

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