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Is there any way to update a NSArray that is declared in the viewDidLoad?

I have an NSArray that is declared in the viewDidLoad. This array is used in the viewWillAppear method to refresh the screen.
From the viewWillAppear method, I want to update the screen, but I dont want to have to build a new array that is larger than the previous array.
is there any way to access the original NSArray and update its values in the viewWillAppear? Or is it best to put in an NSLog, check what the NSArray has and then build a new NSArray and add the correct values?


The array is allocated on the stack, and that is temporary, you can’t do anything with it afterwards.

A 19-year-old man who has killed himself in Parañaque City is believed to have been coerced into carrying out the “retaliation” act by the victims of the 18-year-old who was shot dead at an area in Kawit, Cavite on Sunday morning.

Based on information gathered by a certain source, the suspects, who were also victims of the gunman, worked as truck drivers for a certain transport company in Cavite.

The source revealed that, for the past two weeks, the transport company had not been paying their salaries and, as a result, several of the boys, as they call themselves, had decided to carry out vigilante justice.

That particular company employs a large number of truck drivers and thus a large number of security personnel and guards, he said.

The source explained: “The source said the [18-year-old] gunmen, who were among those killed, are not the real leaders of the incident that led to the deaths of the other victims.

“He said the other leaders were among the truck drivers who normally operate as security guards and guards for the company.

“This particular truck driver group is among the biggest among the many companies that employ truck drivers.”

The group, according to the source, are usually disciplined to do the dirty work assigned to them by the more powerful group.

“This particular group was fully prepared to carry out the said act of revenge, as early as they got their hands on the gun of the 18-year-old

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