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By / 8 June, 2022

Geostru Software GDW is a comprehensive application designed to help you analyze and measure the walls in gabions.
The application provides you with complete features such as three-dimensional view through which you are able to examine in detail the inputs made. You can also simulate an earthquake so you can monitor the walls resistance.







Geostru Software GDW Free PC/Windows

The program offers you easy-to-use tools that can give you the right information about your walls and materials. 

You can use the application to measure such walls parameters as:


With the application, you will be able to measure these walls parameters in two dimensions (on the XY plane) and in three dimensions (on the XZ and the YZ planes).

In addition, you can be able to check the walls’ performance, to analyze the static characteristics, to calculate the surfaces, to measure the characteristics (strains and deformation) and to analyze the energy absorption.

The application also allows you to predict static and dynamic performances, to simulate earthquakes and to monitor the walls’ behavior during a strong soil movement and to mark the location of reinforcements.

Geostru Software GDW 2022 Crack License:

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Geostru Software GDW Crack Activation [March-2022]

Geostru Software GDW for monitoring walls is a program designed for pidgeon and are based on the USP standard. 
The program helps you plan the construction of garden walls using the specified input data.
You can also record seismic activities on the walls, simulate building collapses, and create stability calculations.

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The program has a user friendly interface and is provided with pre-programmed functions, which in some cases are not always accurate.


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Geostru Software GDW Activation Key [Updated]

Geostru Software Geostru Software GDW is a simple application to analyze the efficiency of the walls in gabions. The application lets you simulate an earthquake and to measure the resistance of the walls. You can also examine the walls’ effectiveness.
Geostru Software Geostru Software GDW Features:

– Three-dimensional view through which you can examine in detail the inputs made;

– Simulation of an earthquake;

– Measuring the resistance of the walls;

– Examine the walls’ effectiveness.

Geostru Software GDW Screenshots


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Detection of Cross-Coupled Magnetic Relaxation in Nanoscale Pie

What’s New in the?

* Geostru Waterproofing Software GDW
* Geostru 2D/3D Scene
* Geo Scene of the earth in 3D
* Simulation of the earthquake of the earth
* Fast run times
* Low and average impact on the computer
* with a lot of features
* i.e. the possibility to input all the parameters
* and by simulation you can realize the damages it would cause or not.
*The watertightness of the Gabion can also be evaluated by performing a measurement.
*The user can define the points of observation and by simulation you can evaluate the quality of the work and the resistance of the gabion to the ground.
*For the analysis of the products the measurement for the injection of concrete under pressure and the measurement of the gabion’s resistance


* The choice of a file to store the measurements of the walls for which a Gabion set

End User:

* Geostru Software GDW is designed for any person.

By analyzing the measurements you can determine how much the walls will withstand the forces.
*The simulation of the earthquake is a very interesting and useful tool for the analysis of gabions walls in case that the earth does an earthquake.

Have a nice day.
Geostru Software GDW

Comparing Feature by Feature

* Reducing important information on the interface of the software
* The first point of comparison is the interface of the software.

The main advantage of Geostru Software GDW is that it is very easy to use, and its interface allows you to control many parameters in a very easy manner.

The interface of the software allows us to have a convenient way to select the products for which you want to analyze the resistance.

The interface is compatible with all operating systems that support the Windows (.exe).

The software is compatible with all Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10) and can also be installed in Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS X.

The interface is designed to allow you to have more control over the parameters while being easy to use.

It is an interface designed for Geostru software of the watertightness of the walls,

With the Geostru Software GDW the following advantages are offered:
* The possibility to quickly save the graphic memory you run in order to be able to use it again

On the

System Requirements For Geostru Software GDW:

Minimum system requirements are indicated.
Processor: Intel or AMD CPU
Disk Space: 300 MB of free space (6 GB minimum)
OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 (x64)
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 or AMD Radeon 7970M
DirectX: Version 11
Input Devices: Keyboard, mouse
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
HDD: 300 MB free space
Game Description:

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