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Provides developers with an easy-to-use OCR library that helps create document scanners capable of detecting text in scanned documents.
Developers can use this SDK to:
• Manage page scans into files in the most accurate way possible.
• Retrieve the text from an image file and create a text document.
• Recognize business card, passport and ID card data
• Automatically extract images of documents or PDF files from among others.
• Provide intelligent text-processing with the use of fuzzy text matching and fuzzy heuristics.
• Detect document position
• Detect page breaks and text format, such as vertical text or landscape.
• Detect orientation of a document and crop images properly
• Detect scaling and rotation in order to create a uniform interface for your application
• Process documents automatically and extract text
• Enhance the functionality of document scanners by including an application in the scanner itself
Yunmai Document Recognition SDK Feature List:
• API’s support for windows, Android and iOS applications
• Code samples to help developers write OCR solutions quickly
• OCR engine that works in real-time without being slowed down by unnecessary features
• Use of dynamic memory allocation and array copying to reduce the risk of memory leak
• Use of multi-threading to optimize the engine’s speed and ensure efficiency
• Multi-threaded image processing to optimize the speed of the engine
• Use of advanced features such as morphological processing, template matching and bitmap processing
• Use of an edge-trimming feature for more accurate results
• The ability to preprocess an image to improve recognition
• A wide range of algorithms that include integration with Tesseract, a leading OCR engine
• Ability to detect text in different languages
• Ability to integrate dynamic recognition with another application
• Support for incremental recognition to enable the application to recognize the updated text by the document
Yunmai Document Recognition SDK Licensing:
Yunmai Document Recognition SDK is a free open-source software license. Developers are free to use this SDK in any way they like provided that they use its source code and that they credit


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Yunmai Document Recognition SDK

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Yunmai Document Recognition SDK Activation (Latest)

Developers can use this SDK to detect text within an image and thus create a new, editable document. Using OCR, this is possible since the SDK works with the image files and provides the engine with the characters contained within. If an image has been saved as a JPEG, TIFF, TGA, BMP, PNG or GIF format, the engine can scan it and extract its text.
The interface used by Yunmai Document Recognition SDK is quite simple, but for those users who don’t have a strong command of English, it is provided with a free, downloadable dictionary. This dictionary helps to guess the words, the letters and the characters from a text within a scanned document. It even recognizes the font type.
The engine supports mono- and color images, since it can identify characters within them. Using this engine, developers can create image editors that can recognize text and shape objects within the files. It is possible to detect white spots, edges, borders, texts within other texts and straight lines. This means that the engine can detect a wide variety of shapes and objects within an image.In a networked computing environment, a computing system, e.g., a desktop or a laptop, a notebook, a palmtop, a personal digital assistant (PDA), and/or other type of wireless or wire lined or wireless/wired device can be configured to transmit and/or receive, from one or more other devices, digital information using a network. For example, a client device, such as a desktop or a notebook, can be configured to receive information from one or more server devices, such as a web server.
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What’s New in the Yunmai Document Recognition SDK?

Yunmai Document Recognition SDK is a handy development kit that was designed to help advanced computer users such as programmers and software developers implement OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities into their applications. Users can integrate the functions mentioned above in PC programs and mobile applications alike.

The OCR features can make it possible for the end-user to extract text fragments from image files and even create text documents that can be edited later without considerable effort. These abilities can come in handy especially whenever it is needed to process a lot of paper documents by turning them into virtual ones.

Developers who choose to implement the functions mentioned above can enhance their programs significantly with various capabilities. For instance, OCR-friendly applications can extract text from an image or a non-editable document and create a new, editable one. However, Yunmai Document Recognition SDK packs extra features, such as automatic image cropping or automatic document position detection and edge trimming for more accurate results.

Additionally, in some cases it is possible to receive suggestions straight from the host application since the engine can detect potential errors and offers suggestions for both words and characters. Organizing scanned content is also one of the features this SDK comes with. Scanned images can be automatically placed into a few possible categories, which include ID card, business card, passport or text document.


Yunmai Document Recognition SDK comes with a comprehensive software license that allows the use of the engine with the host application, even if the creator does not have a commercial license.

Download for Android

The best way to use Yumai OCR SDK is to install it in the Android Studio. To do so, follow these simple steps:

1. If you haven’t already done so, download the Android Studio (Download), the package installer (Download).
2. Install both (Download), and close them once you have finished.
3. Go to File -> Open -> Import Project.
4. Select the downloaded project and the newly imported project should appear in the left panel.
5. Finally, click the Sync Now button to install the library you have imported.

You’re good to go!


If you have a simple project that you want to install using the Android Studio, you don’t need to use the mobile platform. Simply install the SDK to any folder and use it with the command line. However, to install your mobile application using the Android Studio, make sure you install the Android Studio and add the SDK to the Android Gradle and build.gradle projects using the same process mentioned above.

The major advantages of using Android Studio is that the project will be configured for development, making everything easier.

If you are familiar with Android Studio, there are some tasks that are not as easy to do as before. For example, to add

System Requirements:

At most, a single user is able to access the product at a given time. However, a maximum of 10 users may access the product at a given time.
Processors and Memory:
Intel Pentium 4 and AMD Athlon 2000+ dual core processor
2 GB of system memory (4 GB recommended)
Mac OS X 10.4.5 or later
Linux 2.6.23 or later
Windows 7 or later
128 MB video RAM
In addition to the above system

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