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The Giants will welcome back defensive end Olivier Vernon for Sunday’s game against the Cowboys. Vernon was on the field for the last of New York’s three days of OTA practices this week.

Eli Manning isn’t happy about it.

“I would hate to be the guy who takes him out,” Manning said. “He gives us everything we ask for on the field. But we’re really good having him here practicing with us.”

It’s not just that Vernon is a good player. He’s a very good player. It’s that he’s a good teammate, too.

“It’s good to see him out there practicing,” said Manning. “Like I said earlier, I’d hate to be the guy to take him out. But it’s very important that he’s practicing with us, getting his reps.”

And, if Manning has his way, playing. Vernon’s availability for the last practice was the only highlight of OTA week for the Giants. They’re optimistic about him, but they were optimistic about the entire team this

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THE Humane Society of Ventura County is updating its website to provide more detailed information about the agency’s programs.

The agency has expanded its web pages to include more detailed information about its spay-neuter programs, including the number of animals processed each year.

The Society’s rescue group is the only humane society in the county that does full-service spay-neuter.

It is a lifesaving service for all pets, especially dogs, at little to no cost to the pet’s owner.

Part of the group’s service involves taking the animals from their homes in the South Bay and bringing them to the shelter in Camarillo. There they are medically evaluated and triaged before being placed in foster care until a suitable home is found for them. After completing the foster care process, the animals are returned to their homes.

For more information about the Society’s services, visit

To learn about the process of adopting a pet at the Humane Society of Ventura County, visit[Retrograde biliary leakage. Role of segmental coeliac vagotomy].
Retrograde biliary leakage (RL) is a complication of cholecystectomy which has a lethal outcome in 2-5% of patients. In the majority of cases it is associated with pancreatic surgery. In pancreatic surgery RL is often treated conservatively with no significant mortality. In less than 1% of cases RL is associated with the use of segmental vagotomy. We describe a patient who developed RL 12 days after surgery for pancreatic cancer. The patient was operated through a laparotomy. A pancreaticoduodenectomy was performed and reconstruction of the digestive continuity was performed with a jejunal loop. Despite placement of a drainage and a transhiatal gastrojejunal anastomosis, RL occurred. RL was corrected by segmental coeliac vagotomy. The patient is asymptomatic and has been discharged with temporary external drainage and fasting. RL is not an unusual complication after pancreatic resections. Conservative

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