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AutoCAD is used in many industries for different purposes, such as architectural design, mechanical design, manufacturing, drafting, engineering, construction, graphic design, and presentation. Its clients include large and small companies in multiple industries.


Historically, other software programs were used to manage and process the drawings or blueprints generated by CAD programs, such as Revit, Inventor, CorelDraw, and Photoshop. These other programs then print and/or export the CAD drawings to other programs for further processing. The design process continues with the use of multiple CAD programs and the management of the entire process via different software programs and paper layouts.

What are the best features in AutoCAD?

Perhaps the most useful feature for both the professional and amateur designers in AutoCAD is the ability to create digital 3-D models. The best features are also the most useful, so many software programs boast about these functions. You may want to consider a software program that has a large number of functions, but if the functions are limited, it may not be as helpful.

The ability to quickly and accurately transfer drawings to another CAD program is another valuable feature for both the professional and amateur designers. An example of this type of feature is a CAD program that has the ability to “lock” a section of a drawing and then export it to another program or a printer, cutting away the portion of the drawing that was locked.


CAD drawing enhancements may also be beneficial to a designer. They may include filters and the ability to apply finishes to the drawing or model. Filters allow for a variety of color and text effects for the drawings. CAD programs that allow for digital painting or applying finishes allow the user to make adjustments to the model, similar to a physical model. Finishes can be applied in the same manner as a physical model, such as an example being the application of textures or colors to the model.

The creation of drawings that show objects in their true colors and sizes can also be valuable to a user. CAD programs that have this feature include versions of AutoCAD, including the 2014 version. An example of this type of feature is the ability to place items such as tree stumps or pipes, which will be realistically represented in the drawing.

The ability to have a user-customized drawing area is another commonly offered feature. CAD programs with this feature, including AutoCAD, allow the user to define a new area for their drawings

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ObjectARX and AutoLISP allow users to create customized commands, routines, macros, etc. and use them within the program.

VBA is used in Microsoft Office and Windows applications for automation of tasks within Excel and PowerPoint, while Visual LISP is used in many Mac products to customize user interface elements. VBA does not support functions provided by AutoCAD.

.NET is available as part of the Microsoft Visual Studio integrated development environment and allows creation of.NET applications to be added to AutoCAD.

3D graphics
AutoCAD supports three-dimensional rendering and production of three-dimensional models.

The first version of AutoCAD contained many graphical features, such as type 1 and type 2 draftsman’s toolbars, and tool palettes. Over time, the design and implementation of the software was streamlined and a point-and-click interface was introduced, along with a mouse. One of the first software engineering practices to appear in AutoCAD was the use of automated testing.

AutoCAD introduced the capability of plotting diagrams and graphics in the second version, which was also the first to support architectural drawings.

2D (Type 1 Draftsman)
Type 1 draftsman is a two-dimensional (2D) platform which was introduced with AutoCAD V2.0. This platform was replaced with Type 2 Draftsman in AutoCAD V7.0.

Type 1 Draftsman
The first AutoCAD version was based on the type 1 draftsman graphical interface, named the Type 1 Draftsman. This is a 2D platform which was built in the C++ programming language and included a set of graphical commands to create drawings, such as line segments, spline lines, straight lines, arcs, ovals, and ellipses. In addition, it was possible to draw architectural drawings, using predefined styles. These included common architectural drawing styles such as:
ArchiDraw (c. 1979)
ADA Draw (c. 1980)
Architectural Graphic Standards Manual (1983)
American Institute of Architects (AIA) Manual of Style (1981)
Building Automation and Controls (BAC) (1980)
Chicago Building Code (1980)
German-DIN (DIN 1176) (1980)
British Standard (BS) (1980)
International Mechanical Code (IMC) (1980)
International Building Code (IBC) (1980)

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Open the Autodesk Autocad toolbar menu. Choose “Manage Programs”.
Find Autocad and activate it.

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Why can’t multiple people use the same delegate?

I created a delegate in my AppDelegate. It works fine if I only call

If I try to call myDelegate.DoSomething() again it doesn’t work. If I do


It works. Why?
Delegate myDelegate = new Delegate(MyDelegate);

class MyDelegate
void DoSomething()
//My code


You’re using a singleton type. Singletons are created when the class is loaded and exist for the duration of your program. Thus, any attempt to change the delegate, in other words “remix” it, is either ignored or will result in an exception.
If you don’t want your app to “cache” the same delegate or change the delegate’s behavior at all, then don’t use a singleton.


What is the difference between a 1-block chain, a 2-block chain and a 3-block chain?

I’m wondering why there’s a difference between a 1-block chain, a 2-block chain and a 3-block chain.
What’s the difference between the “timing” of 1-block chain, 2-block chain and 3-block chain?


There is no definite difference in block times between different blockchains (eg. “1-block”, “2-block”, or “3-block”). As the block height increases, an average block will take longer to mine, because the resources needed for mining are increased.
The only difference, in terms of blockchain, is that a “3-block chain” will usually take longer to produce, than a “2-block chain”. This is because each block takes 3 times as long to mine, on average.

Jean-Paul Palladin

Jean-Paul Palladin (born 1 August 1967) is a retired

What’s New In?

(video: 1:15 min.) Print Output:

Choose the output file format of your choice and export your drawings in a PDF, JPG, or BMP file format. (video: 5:10 min.)

(video: 5:10 min.) Virtual Design Space:

Instantly work with a model of the same scale and dimensions as your drawing. Interact with your model in the same way that you interact with a real model. (video: 2:30 min.)

(video: 2:30 min.) Visible Dynamic Tag Cloud:

Simplify the task of locating a tag on the screen and use the cloud to navigate to related tags. Easily find associated content when you drag the cursor over the cloud. (video: 2:30 min.)

(video: 2:30 min.) Design and Parameter Profiles:

Make changes to your drawing or add common actions as profiles. Choose one or more profiles to apply when you open a drawing and you are automatically updated with parameter choices and values that are saved with your profile.

Professional Editors:

Our editors are ready to handle the entire design process. They’ll create tools and forms for you that allow you to interact with your project in ways that have never before been possible.

Intuitive User Interface:

With a completely redesigned, highly intuitive interface, you can create professional CAD drawings in less time and with less effort.

Smart Features and Strong Intuitivity:

Discover the new, smart features that help you speed up your projects and make them more efficient.


Do it yourself. Take advantage of the many customization tools. Make changes to your existing drawings or create custom, one-of-a-kind workspaces.

Streamlined Workflow:

Seamlessly flow between projects and tasks using the new, intuitive, multi-view interface. Take your work from concept to production, view your work at any stage, share your designs online, and get feedback in real time.

Ready for any Data Source:

Create smart design tools and annotate in context with any AutoCAD drawing. No other software can do that.

Integrated 3D Modeling Tools:

Bring your 3D design into AutoCAD. Create 3D geometry, dynamically explore your design on screen, and draw a 3D model.

Create your very own digital

System Requirements:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (64-bit)
3.5 GB RAM
1 GB free HDD space
DirectX 11.1
DirectX Version 10 is recommended (if available)
LEGO® Architecture has been designed to operate on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
LEGO® Architecture supports single player and multi-player play.
LEGO® Architecture is designed to be compatible with a range of hardware and operating system configurations, and should work with any PC without any issues.

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