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By jayvand / 20 July, 2022

Download ZIPDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ZIPDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


Locked up in the deepest dungeons of the most mysterious kingdom of Eskaria, a man was bitten by a snake and wounded seriously. Tortured by horrible pain until he fell unconscious. But no one knows who dumped this man into a dungeon. Thousands of years later a horrible black plague has spread all over the country and even in the brave country of Eskaria. All the inhabitants are infected. It’s up to you to find the cure! Fight with a great arsenal of cool weapons, collect cool features, and give your enemies a great fight. Features: Dramatic background music Original dark 2D art style 5 different acts Upgrades Very easy to play Hundreds of enemies in every encounter Easy movement An awesome storyline and great characters Powerups Stamina Gameplay level difficulty And many, many other cool features Also, you can check out our upcoming game: This is a visual novel based on the 1995 film We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story. Enjoy an awesome art style and more than eight hours of gameplay! Features: Stimulating story Original character design More than a hundred unique scenes Great soundtrack Powerups and upgrades Endless enjoyment Also, you can check out our upcoming game: About The Game Welcome to Hawkins Industries. Your objective is to take over the company and find out who is responsible for terminating your friend. But time is running, and the safety of your friend depends on your decisions. Features: 100+ Unique scenes Powerups and upgrades Non-linear gameplay Awesome visual graphics and sound effects Also, you can check out our upcoming game: About The Game The Fall of Espira: The city of Espira has been besieged by a terrible evil force. For thousands of years, the enemy has been invading villages in the surrounding area. An army was formed to defend the region against the attacking evil. Five hundred brave fighters faced many enemies and found themselves in a fight for freedom. Fight with the sword and the shield. Defeat the enemy and stop them from conquering Espira and its surroundings. Features: Original 2D art style Simple and intuitive controls Easy to play Cool fights The ending depends on your choices Also, you can check out our upcoming game: About The Game Welcome to the kingdom of Elves! There is a terrible evil plot in motion and our peaceful world is on the verge of chaos. All that you have to do is defeat


Features Key:

  • Map editor is the only one that can read most of the usual zip-based formats and 3D mesh formats like Enkata and GEpHarm.
  • Colory VR provides a possible solution for clean mapping and exporting of textures to OpenGL.
  • A robust interface for creating materials, textures and materials.
  • Colory VR has OpenCL (on windows) and Metal (on mac) rendering backend, using the best hardware possible.
  • Colory VR can save a scene in the Unity Inspector form to be imported into your project. Can also export scene hierarchy to e.g..obj files.
  • Colory VR is developed with a modifiable state machine for easy coding.
  • Colory VR can analyze normals for faces and smooth them when exporting the mesh file.
  • Have a beautiful modern look and modern code
  • Colory VR Settings

    • Gentle Mode: Handles smoothing animations and uv
    • Texture Motion Blur: Controls the motion blurring of texures
    • Face Deformation Mode: Controls face shape deformations
    • Levenberg-Marquardt Morpheme Optimization Modes: Controls the optimization method
    • Diffs Method: Controls volume differences (normal, normals, area surface and midsurface)
    • Normals Sample: Controls weightings for UV and Normals creases
    • Orientation: Controls the rim-style orientation of faces
    • Color: Controls the face colors
    • Materials: Controls how color information is repeated on faces

    Colory VR Plugins

    Material – Blend Modes

    • Export and Import Material: Are used to export a material to a Material variant in


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      ZombiU is a unique, and terrifying co-op zombie survival experience set in a new and unpredictable open world. The game also features a powerful and nuanced new combat system in which players will be able to melee, shoot and use traps and booby traps to fight the undead. Play as one of four unique characters, each with their own combination of weapons, movement abilities, special skills, and strengths and weaknesses. You can expect a wide array of weapons and equipment from melee weapons, guns, grenades, and flamethrowers, to rocket launchers, saws, and nailguns. ZombiU features a unique set of Action Points (AP) that will allow for strategic and fluid combat action. Our unique attack system provides players with the ability to chain attacks for maximum damage output. Players can also use combat to escape danger or even grab an enemy for a melee kill, turning the tables against enemies for critical strikes. Pursue the game through a vast variety of environments as you hunt down other survivors, using your wits, weapons, and traps to make it out alive. As you progress through the game, you’ll discover new survivors, each with their own interesting abilities and behaviors. Features: Survival Horror Experience – Battle the hordes of zombies with your friends, or work cooperatively to fend off a virus infested world. Unpredictable Events – Survivors are stunned, attacked, or caught in traps as unpredictable events occur in the world. Customized Character Traits – Each of the four playable characters has their own strengths and weaknesses, allowing the team to play differently in each unique situation. Dynamic Open World – Explore London’s own tunnels, sewers, and subway stations to find hidden passages, as well as the rooftop of a disused hospital to secure an advantage over the undead. A New Survivor System – Each player has unique actions such as Run, Hide, Fight, Block or Use Traps to survive. A Smooth and Responsive Combat System – Pull off headshots with melee, land heavy damage with long range weapons such as the Shotgun, or dodge enemy fire and use traps to stay alive. Advanced Traps – Booby traps can help players not only protect themselves against the undead, but hinder foes as they attempt to run away or attack. Gameplay Highlights: Unpredictable Events – Zombies, survivors, traps, and even friendly characters can turn on you at any time. Tactical Combat – Use your c9d1549cdd


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      What’s new:

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      How To Install and Crack Action Commando 2:

    • Zen Chess: Champion’s Moves:  Direct Link: >
    • Direct Link to Cracked: >

     Description & Features:

    • Download and install Zen Chess  built for PC Windows. It is… more,
    • Key Features:
      • Brilliant tactics engine,
      • Add-ons,
      • Multiplayer,
      • Achievements,
      • Training AI chess lessons with your opponent,
    • Compete with up to 4 people online,
    • Play against 5 different AI chess players,
    • Play against as many trainers in one match,
    • More…

    Short Review:

    • A nice and addictive game for those who have some free time.
    • Controls are well done,
    • Statistics are useful,
    • If you are looking for a game that pulls you in and make you stay… more,
    • Developer is quite nice,
    • Gives extra points for more details,
    • Fun to watch,
    • One of my favorites,



    System Requirements:

    PC: OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit versions only) Processor: Intel Core i3-2xxx or AMD Phenom-II X4-2xxx Memory: 1 GB RAM Graphics: OpenGL 1.2 capable graphics card with 256 MB of dedicated VRAM Hard Disk: 2 GB available space Internet: Broadband Internet connection Console: TV: Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 hardware with Blu-ray player (optional) PlayStation Vita (Optional


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