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Meteor Genocide is a Strategic Gadgets Style of Action / Simulation game.
You can select terms according to your preferences and find strange equipment to enhance the number of terms, to make yourself more powerful. Different from traditional roguelikes, the meteor world encourages the use of surrounding elements to assist in combat, or to carry elements to assist in combat, try to combine them to create conditions in your favor, there are strange game mechanics to explore, use the surrounding interactive elements, you will find a universe.
If you’ve played a lot of fast-paced Roguelikes, try this one to slow yourself down;
Add unique gameplay based on Roguelike gameplay:
The game contains a large number of triggerable environmental elements to assist players in fighting, triggering them to make your combat power soar, but it also increases operational risks.
The equipment durability system makes every attack in the game need to be very cautious. Blind attack consumes equipment durability and may lead to only relying on environmental elements to fight.
Rich and diverse equipment attributes, techniques, and blessings of bad luck make each level experience completely different.
Create your most satisfactory equipment and challenge unknown enemies
About The Game:
Few people, even among the watchers, can truly claim to have seen this: a colossal army wading through the flooded fields of southern Paris, an explosion that leaves scorched earth and craters in its wake.
A few weeks on, the dead and dying make their way towards the city’s outskirts: the likeliest future home of the human race.
All that remains for us is to decide if the human race has a future.
And if our own race has no future, then who will build it for us?
WASD – move
Space – interact
Hold shift toggles alternating attack / motion
Moves faster than it looks
Click triggers special attack / buffs
Mouse scrollwheel to look
Moves slower than it looks
Any text in the world can be selected and typed in any combination of spaces, tildes and forward slashes. Text of any length can be added, and other combinations of spaces, tildes and forward slashes to construct it as you go. Text that is designed to break the game apart, such as arrows, definitions, random commands and more, can be inserted during the game. You may even combine these to create your own meta-text, or command-chain.
Naming convention is method and function,


Features Key:

  • You are an auxilliary operative for a special wing of the Harbinger program. You are an experienced adventurer who has managed to escape from Acheron military in a special need.
  • You have to overcome the enemies of the Program of Darkness. Dark Empire is present on galactic scales as an adversary
  • You must move throughout the world of PacifikaAcheron and be locked to its gangs and riches
  • You have to change the direction of the whole galaxy
  • You have to manage to make your way past formidable guards and barriers and escape to the capital of darkness
  • You must choose a Partner to assist you
  • Finances matter
  • Game play highlights:

    • You are given a specific type of weapon at the beginning of the game and have to choose how you want to use it
    • Each weapon has its limits (power, speed, shot distance, etc.)
    • You can give you Partner his own weapon (as long as you have it at the beginning of the game) and personalize its features
    • Your Partner can learn how to level-up and get better using his weapon
    • You select them from a pool of all the possible Partners from Finley Island
    • You can fight against one or several enemies at once
    • Combo <h1>fills<h1> with orders and attacks
    • Disrupt guards in specific points which release points
    • You have to perform several missions to change the direction of the whole galaxy and reach the Heart of Darkness

    The game features the coop campaign

    RAR file :

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    Knox: A detective who solves every case with just a magnifying glass, an ordinary flashlight is nowhere to be found in his distinctive office.
    Clark: His younger partner and an aspiring detective who seeks to prove himself by solving the mystery.
    William Goldberg: A rich businessman, millionaire by age of 30 and the owner of a multi-million dollar arms manufacturing company. He is also a very interesting personality.
    Deborah Goldberg: His wife of nearly 30 years who was killed just a few weeks ago.

    An interactive Visual Novel with many points of interest.
    Very long story line.
    The ability to play the story twice as the story is narrated in both a third-person and a first-person perspective.
    Knox has a detective license. At the end of the game you will learn everything there is to know about it and how to get one.
    Companion apps: Instructions, guide, summary of the main plot, and a folder of all the conversations.
    Silent Cop with explanations in the game.
    (Optional) Subtitle to the English version of the game
    Music (optional)
    Character speech from the developer and the Japanese version of the game
    Deleted scenes (optional)
    Completely original story with no influence from other works
    The app will never interact with the game (this means no ads or IAPs)
    This game is 100% free

    a few bugs could be fixed

    Store version is the one with a complete English translation (at least for all the dialogue) without any automatic translations, which can happen in some parts of the story.

    *Note: If you uninstall this game from your device and then download this new update, you will need to again download the complete English version.*

    You can completely ignore this game if you already have the english version.
    There are two ways to play the game, silent and loud
    The most accurate way is to play with the volume set to zero, but the app will be a bit faster than normal because it only reverts the position of the words after the characters have said them, and won’t play the voice of the characters even after they have stopped speaking.

    ## Credits
    Contributor (paladin):


    ## License
    This app uses the Battle


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    A few days before the terrorist attack, the president of France, Monsieur Douchy, decides to hold a conference in Paris. Because of a major security breach, the conference will take place in the Palais Royal.
    As soon as the conference starts, an explosion blows up the building and the president’s elite guards transport everyone from the conference to the nearest airport. Because of the terrorist attack, the president doesn’t come back to France.
    So the president’s daughter gives you the job to protect her father against the terrorists and save him from being killed.Unfortunately, the terrorists are blocking the way of your car and if you don’t turn the gravity into zero before your car hits the obstacle you lose a life.
    What’s new:
    What’s new in this version:
    Added 5 New Achievements Added 5 New Stages Added New Characters
    Powered by Phaser
    Download game from Android

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    Low-Voltage NVMG drive: Model 341

    Find out more about how this drive has helped out in the field.

    The standalone 341 model NVMG is best used as a long-life drive in electric skis, although the smaller sizes can also be useful as a cargo or battery pack connector. Compared to the other low-voltage drives that we looked at, the 341 offers a longer life span and better compatibility with certain applications. The drive is usually connected to an external source of input power, and the adjustment options of the load current output (including pulse-height and time-rate limits) are good for programming other modules.

    Figure 4. Low-voltage NVMG drive, Model 341

    The 341 model NVMG is widely available; we have seen it in the field in many


    What’s new in Moonlit:


    Episode 20 – Cursed Mage Conjuration Tomb

    *This blog has turned into a game series.

    This is a tutorial on how to beat Cursed Mage Tomb, a level 4 Trial. If you don’t get too far, you can just learn how to beat it using the guide here.*

    The Note 4:

    The Note 4 is available to purchse, but it has some issues. If you get a black screen at launch, it might tell you to turn off battery saver settings. I’m not quite sure if that’s happening for everyone else, but it happened to me (solved with hard reboots).

    The Note 5 and Note 5t:

    This works for the Note 5 and Note 5t.

    Unlock the Great Vault:

    Obviously you will need this piece of information. I’m not giving it away for nothing. I will give you the best demon-free loadout options for the level:

    Note: The Monk sub is inside the Sorcerer’s Soul, so spam away just to get it. Note 2 is kill a demon first.

    Level 1

    Aim for the Treant first, but use Holy Fire (or click the angel inside), to kill the Balbel (with 9 health) and Green Dot (with 5 health).

    The Balbel will be easiest to kill. He has serious speed. Use a 1 bar fireball to kill him. He has damage resistance though.

    The note 2 is simple, but very easy. Balbel (59 HP) will become the first demon. Kill the demon. The note 3 easy.

    The Flower Spiker in the shadows will be your first, almost, boss. He is the first boss. He has 600 HP and can hit a lot. Use a 1 bar fireball to kill him.

    He is very easy, especially with the floor and the Sun Machine.

    Note 1 is finish the no helmet wizard, don’t worry, you need him later.

    Level 2

    Your goal is to unlock the Great Vault. It is somewhere around the middle, and you will see marks on the ground. Once you go there, you will summon a Spider, that heals you. You won’t be able to fight it until you respawn. It is the fastest demon on the level, if you don’t go to the Great Vault. That’s the highest health demon.

    The Big Golem will be your second demon. Only spawn


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    The game is about a conflict between two factions of unicorns with contrasting motives.
    The blue faction serves to protect the realm of unicorns.
    The white faction aims to destroy their kingdom in order to force a free unicorns.
    The white faction is stronger and the blue team must seek allies and hire mercenaries in order to win. The player controls blue players.
    The player can choose among the player characters (named Aria, Eve, Augo, and Calos) after selecting from the prestored characters. Aria and Augo are female characters, while Eve and Calos are male characters. Calos is a Celtic warrior with a black mane and Eve is a French unicorn with long blonde hair and a monocle.
    The game includes five NPCs (Non-Player Characters), each is associated with a specific unit and his skills.
    To win the game, the player must make the white faction win over the other and take the realm of unicorns for their own.
    The objectives of the player are:
    1. To build a sufficient amount of units that can defend his kingdom.
    2. Keep the units alive and build a strong economy so that the player can afford enough units.
    3. Send as many units into the battlefield as possible.
    4. Unite your units and allies in order to win the game.
    5. Spend skill points and upgrade your units and collect the rainbow-donuts.
    For those who like a game with a story and enjoy strategy games with a competitive component, this game should be on the top of your list. But Uniboom is more than just another strategy game. In fact, by the time you finish the game, you will also know the real story behind the war of the unicorn factions. To play Uniboom is to discover why the unicorn factions are fighting each other.

    [spoiler title=”Story”] Uni, the onlty leader of the white faction, was born in the Valley of the Winds and told Aria that they should create a peace alliance of the unicorns. Aria, Calos, Augo and Eve agreed, and went to the valley with Eli/Elf who is a part of the blue faction. There, the white unicorns decided to make peace with the blue faction, but Uni did not want to. Because she did not want to make a peace alliance with the blue faction, Uni gave the order to invade the Valley of the Winds


    How To Crack:

    • 1. Use Winrar or 7Zip to extract the file (let’s call it
    • 2. Rename the ZGwizardSetup.exe to ZG.exe (in order to make it a “.exe file)
    • 3. When the game launches, a game sounds will be heard.
    • 4. Press enter key to agree to the license agreement (if the nag appears).
    • 5. Press F5 key to run the game.
    • 6. Enjoy!


    System Requirements For Moonlit:

    This is a Windows Vista Ultimate/Home 32 bit machine, and it runs on Windows 7 Ultimate. So don’t say we don’t know our audience.
    The game will run in 1024×768 and 640×480.
    You will not be able to run it at high resolutions, it’s all about the animation framerate.
    This is a game for the hardcore, for those who have the patience to learn how to play this game. If you don’t have patience, you’ll be frustrated.
    You need a video card that can handle


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