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✔ Easy to learn
✔ Plays fast
✔ Casual game: no time pressure
✔ High score: get a good profit and you get a high score
The object is simple, you have the inventory open and a hand full of cards.
Buy items, sell items, or trade items from other players in order to earn more money. It’s fast, it’s casual, it’s about the money!
Choose your characters wisely as they all have their own abilities. The level of the game is not fixed as you can either choose to start on Mars or Venus on your first visit.
At the end of your turn you will get the opportunity to finish your action. Depending on what you want to do, you will be given certain cards.
If you want to buy, you can sell, either trade or give it away. In case of trading and giving away you should check the market prices of course.
There are some important things to mention at this point:
– The game is already pretty slow, so we have not found a way to speed it up yet
– Resources are distributed over the planets in a general way
– There is no loading screen, you directly get an overview with all your items
– The player is not allowed to produce or consume the items, he just buys and sells them
– There is a minimap which shows you the items that you have on the planet
– There is also a card stack showing you all the actions you could do
If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please do not hesitate to open a new thread or contact me.


As of beta-1, the game is not released yet. The beta version is under development and should be released in the next few months.
The game should be perfect and should be usable without any notable issues, especially with its potential and future development.


How to keep the user logged in

I have a log in screen like this:

Log in


User name


Features Key:

  • Incredible train line design, you will find yourself lost in the train while playing.
  • Vibrant tracks are surrounded by long tunnels
  • Huge traditional Chinese cities to visit, 500+ cities in total
  • Procedurally generated or not, the game will always be new
  • Simply choose whether you like colorful tracks or city scenery
  • Dynamic traffic and animated cars
  • Wide range of cars to choose from
  • All collection: shop, travelling, visit, challenge, gold
  • Earn energy to power up your 2 cars for much higher velocity
  • More than 200 power-ups can be equipped, upgradable and upgradeable
  • Various trainsets and freight trains can be unlocked, use them to enter new tracks
  • Build and upgrade car models, view cars’ statistics, enhance cars with powerups
  • Train operation system is full of surprises: you’ll never forget when you run over a freightcar
  • Gave the power to your 2 cars, change the course according to your choice


  • Android 3.2 and above.
  • 2.1 GB RAM.
  • 1 GB free space.


Metori Crack + With Key For PC

An action adventure platform game set in a sci-fi realm
Sparklite is a puzzle platformer that delivers a very special mix of challenging puzzles, and clever platforming to reveal both the scenery and the way forward. Easy to grasp, and very hard to master, the game will have you pushing your limits in order to survive and escape.
Key Features:

Autumn 2020 – Compatible with all Windows, Mac and Linux computers

Play among classic, fun arcade action and get in touch with stunning 3D visuals and high performances

A 3D puzzle action platformer with a twist

An amazing art style that’s made exclusively by hand

A beautifully designed game world where time and progress are represented by colorful, 3D models

A challenging game that develops your spatial awareness and your reflexes

Directive: Exceptionnel

About Directive

Directive is a French company founded in 2013. We are focused on game development and publishing. We take projects from concept to completion.

We have specialised in game development for many years and our team has a lot of experience in all aspects of game development, from making a prototype to a game release. This is what makes Directive a go-to solution for high-end games and projects, whether they are open or closed source, with or without modding community and released on any platform. We always take care of new ideas, as you can see by the number of new titles released each year.

We welcome new challenges, and we know that quality is hard to reproduce. Therefore, we have invested in our infrastructure and technology, hiring people with expertise in the different areas of game development in order to deliver you the best possible game at the best possible price.

“Because I’m more immersed in the game”

That’s it.
That’s our answer.

If you want to give your life a meaning and an end, then you need a story.

So, what’s the story of this episode of life? What are the reasons you are here on this planet?

Maybe you are just a happy insect, like me. Maybe you are a greedy bird, hunting everything that moves and eating it. Or maybe you have a more complex story, like me.

Who you are?

Or are you an Alien?

You’re a Lifeless, a humanoid.
You are the new, the evolved.
You’re a Supermind


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FATE (from free to frantic) The old man used to say life begins at 43…Well 42 in this case.
This channel takes a look at the world around us we are a lot smarter than we admit. Here is an attempt to shine a light on the various dimensions of life.Here you can find videos and pictures of a houses, cars, businesses,and many other items of the day. Channel is not meant to spam on advertisement but to be a place where we can all figure out the world around us and how we might be connected to each other. The channel is meant to help people connect.
UPDATE: We have started a community to see all the videos as they come in to increase the quality of the channel. Please follow us on facebook at “Fate Connections” and press the “like” button as it is the best way to get there. Join as it is the best way to get connected to us.
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