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You are a young man, who has just made the transition from childhood to adulthood. Come, and step into a fantasy world where an unseen power has pulled you out of your usual world. In this fantasy realm full of alluring scenes and characters, you will find yourself on a journey to a new destiny. In this journey, you will be able to directly battle those that you are opposed to, and you will be able to develop an intriguing story through your adventures. As the hero of this story, you will be the savior of a modern fairy tale where you are a Tarnished Lord of the Seven Stars.
In order to restore your family’s name to its former grandeur, you will have to boldly stand on the side of the vanquished. To receive a noble name and power, you will have to battle against the Elden Lords of the Lands Between, and you must defeat the true enemy within yourself to ensure your ascension to an Elden Lord.
This game is not directly connected to the story of “Prince of Elden,” and you will not be required to receive permission to play the game.
We are the developer of this game. The work on this game is started in 2011, and we have been working hard since then to give you an unparalleled fantasy game in the open world of the Lands Between.
The Daemon Masters is a fantasy action RPG that takes place in the Lands Between, an open world where you can directly battle against a variety of creatures that dwell in the unexplored wild places. In order to overcome the obstacles that await you, you will need to combine various abilities such as combat, magic, and stealth, in order to further develop your character.
During the battles, you will have the ability to choose from a wide variety of different attacks and develop various special skills for each weapon. You can then use those skills to aid you during your battles, and you can freely develop and configure your character as you see fit.
When compared to other action RPGs that exist, this game offers a completely unique and different world that you can freely explore. However, while this game allows you to freely explore, it has various quests that you can take in order to further develop your character and complete your adventure.
If you enjoy the game, you can enjoy it while comparing it to other action RPGs, or experience the game based on your current play style. While development progressed steadily in order to offer the best possible game,


Features Key:

  • In-game CG. In order to ensure that the content depicted in CG does not lack anything, we are adding in-game CG.
  • New bosses. Speakable bosses are introduced in the game, as well as special enemies that you can turn to dust using your magicks.
  • A massive, three-dimensional world. The world is vast and amazing, and we are adding new and interesting quests, extras, etc.
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    When you first lay your eyes upon the newly redesigned world, the first thing you may notice is the sparkling river.
    The river in Tarnished has become even nicer, richer in detail. The main river of the world, the Kinkaku River, now is flanked by two high bridges, and also has two branches, each of which is joined to the other. You can take a boat onto it, sail it along, or even catch a fish, and great fish like trout and tuna can also be found there.

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    Reggae: Here we go! Reggae: Here we go!


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    Elden Ring Game FEATURES

    ◆ Story Mode

    When the war between the gods started, many were killed and the world became chaotic. At that time, a man named Lon saved his companions and held onto one gem from the lost Elden Ring. Ever since then, he has been on a quest to protect it.

    Currently, he travels with his comrades, an elf and a human, trying to cross the vast lands between and defeat the various gods.

    ◆ Adventure Mode

    You can create your character and fight the game in a way that is very compatible with your play style. By equipping various weapons and armor and expanding your battle power, you can have an exciting adventure. In addition to survival, you can increase your level and open up your Path to become an even stronger adventurer.

    ◆ Make a Hero Battle Boss

    You can make your own Hero Battle Boss and go to Monster World to fight against monsters.

    Not only can you fight large monsters but also small and extra hard bosses that will challenge even the best players.

    Elden Ring Game FEATURES

    ◆ Stunning Graphics

    The world of Elden Ring was finely designed using three-dimensional graphics. Various scenes unfold in a vivid and strange world.

    ◆ Music

    Beautiful and profound music will accompany you. It changes and becomes a bit different according to the situation.

    ◆ Endless Quest

    An endless quest in which you will fight against various monsters and gods and also against your own boss is waiting for you.


    A wide, mysterious land that unfolds through the eyes of a hero in an adventure. A large and expansive world where mountains, rivers, and other structures constantly flash by. All the routes are vast and amazing.


    Three hero characters, Lon, an elf, and a human, live in a world whose architecture


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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    PC/Mac/Linux & Mobile compatible (PlayStation Vita,3DS) worldwide announced.

    Harmonia Apostella is a fantasy action RPG on
    the game port’s game system.

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    Tolom’s Daughter ‘Gem”Arvall storms a city that turns out to be under a nightmarish curse, a city where even heroes become corrupt. Fast-paced, detailed combat, a wicked story, and a skilled art style set Plarium’s new fantasy RPG apart from other games. Hero or villain, give yourself to fate and find out what happens when your choices matter.

    Trouble has come to Tarnished Tower. The land of the elden is once again under attack from enemy forces. Please help us save our people, the elden, who are being left to suffer at the hands of war. Please help us tarnish the king’s city with your own hands!

    In the game:

    • Play the role of Tarnished, a resident of Tarnished Tower and a member of the Order of the Elden, an organization devoted to protecting the Elden. Make a name for yourself among your fellow heroes.
    • Specialize in a specific character class, and master great attacks.
    • Use vast amounts of raw power to break through enemy defenses.

    Three races and a variety of jobs will give you the chance to play the way you want. You’re only limited by your own imagination.

    NOTE: Players will also be able to purchase additional items, such as healing


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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Unrar the package[/li>
  • Run the installer[/li>
  • Click next and agree to the terms and click finish to complete the setup[/li>
  • You can now find the binary file in “setup.bin”[/li>
  • Now press WinRar and navigate to the folder that you extracted the game to[/li>
  • Run the file that ends in.exe and have fun!
  • Enjoy!

    About Ronia Games, Ltd:

    We are Ronia Games, Ltd (RG) established in 2016. Based in Tokyo, Japan. Our game is develops with both skill and passion. The playable demos for Elfen Ring released last year got fans curious and welcomed by fans. The time was ripe for our next installment.

    We are dedicated, determined and then goodwill to bring the next generation of RPGs with more imagination, diverse gameplay and rich player expressiveness. Currently, we have just a few staff members, but currently we are working hard to recruit our new staff.

    We are forever grateful to anyone that supports us and will do our best.

    Features & 'Hidden Gems':

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