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Trinity: a record that features the most reggae songs and .
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Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. I am singer songwriter and Reggae artist. That is when I began my journey of transformation.
I wrote 16 original songs for the album Trinitiadownload.
I will be singing songs off my album Trinitiadownload at churches, universities, schools, corporations, and at private concerts.
My first single “A Thousand Angels” has gone to number 3 on the Billboard Hot Singles. I will be .
Decades of deception have left me devoid of lyrics to speak into the hearts and minds of others.
Some of my message will touch upon the theme of .
Reggae music always taps into the beats of the human spirit.
It has held a place in people’s lives for over three decades.
It is a musical sound that has helped inspire people to seek God and his blessings.
It can be a great vehicle for sharing Christ and is a safe vehicle for the gospel to be communicated to our generation.
My objective is to find my creative voice and communicate to people the truth about God.
Are you ready to turn your life around? Are you ready to listen to the message of Jesus Christ?
Trinity meets everyone at any age, with any walk of life, and with any education and background.
“Trinity Network” is a 33 member organized community of people that share the message of Jesus Christ.
Trinity Network members meet weekly to prepare and plan about six events a year.
All of our events are invitations only to provide spiritual nourishment.
These events are always at churches, schools, .
Universities, corporations, athletic associations, or .
Any organization that is open to God’s glory. Join us to be part of a great movement of people who desire to live their lives serving God, and be in unity with the message of Jesus Christ.
With your help, we will achieve unity in the message of Jesus Christ.
We are going to encourage and motivate you to share the message of God’s love with everyone you meet.
I invite you to come and experience the hope that God has for you personally, .
And for your family, because


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Apr 08, 2019
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