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Blackmail is a 1973 Bollywood thriller directed by Vijay Anand.n The film stars Dharmendra, Raahi, Madan Puri and Shatrugan Sinha.
Deeply pregnant actress Hani Makhmalbaf forces a flight attendant to file a police report against her. When her friend Hussein Wyld is happy to play in her film, the thought of murder looms in her own mind. The actress gets a job as a cleaner in a luxury hotel, and there she learns the terrible truth about herself. “She was pregnant, and from me. Murder was the only measure that could stop the atrocity. I was in a state of stress. So I wrote a complaint against her and everything collapsed”[1]. For the actress, it was a bitter victory. She looks forward to meeting Hussein, who is increasingly attracted to her enchanting beauty.
It’s not the most exciting thriller… But Indian cinemas are just a fairy tale!
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2005 action thriller in Indian Hindi, directed by Anil Devgan and starring Ajay Devgn, Sunil Shetty and Priyanka Chopra.
2030 year. All the infected scary mutant slaves, such as Connor and Rebecca, live in a house with their loved ones, whose names were Rita and Ross. But soon the whole city is engulfed by a virus that has captured the body and mind of young people.
David Beckham – by the age of 6 he was recognized as the most popular child in Britain and world football. David Beckham on “Jamaica” and “Reykjavik”, he does not depart from the single “Blues” of the group “Guns’n’Roses” and fights with the neighbor boy Sean Lennon.
Jacob is a professional hitman and assassin in the past, he is currently a recluse helping other people. He has amnesia and is constantly in a state of emotional decline.
Rachel must travel to a Polynesian village in New Zealand to do some research and then she makes the unexpected discovery that her six-year-old daughter, Malia, is a vampire.
Jared is an adventurer who is raising a daughter, Izumi, whom he recently revealed to be a vampire.
Remy, 30, spends her life training hard in Las Vegas, but one day she decides to take a break from her path to achieving her dreams and after she completes her last six-hour marathon, she learns that monsters can come out of – under control.
After breaking up with her husband, Stanley, 20-year-old Dana travels to San Francisco in hopes of starting over with a clean slate.
A 22-year-old Spanish motorcycle pilot rescued 22 people stranded in a parking lot while repairing a car. He saved not only their lives, but also their careers, as they saved him, because his name was instantly pronounced to the whole world.The plot revolves around Captain Burke, a ruthless former robber who once entered the world of organized crime to avenge his family. Burke comes to his senses in a rehabilitation center during rehabilitation, where he is surrounded by care.
The story of revenge shows us the life of several young guys who will soon become mothers, they begin a big change in life, and most importantly – he



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