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By / 8 June, 2022

Societies evolved differently throughout the years, but each with different lifestyles, beliefs, and rules. These cover everything from behavior laws to morality. Sure enough these help keep everything under control, and Is She Age Appropriate? is the type of application you can use to determine whether your relationship can last over moral and social beliefs.
Lightweight and easy to us
To be able to run the application you first need to check whether or not .NET Framework is installed on your computer. However, the program itself isn’t bundled inside an installation package, so it can be launched right after download. You can even carry it on a thumb drive to test your friends too.
There are no visual elements to make the application stand out from the crowd. The approach is straightforward, and you simply need to provide the two age values to retrieve results. Hitting the trigger button displays a message based on the difference so you don’t risk running into any troubles, that’s if you consider the application is proof enough if anybody asks.
Fun, but consistent analysis
To your amusement, there is no upper limit to the age, which makes it possible to calculate fictional values as well. There is, however, a lower limit. If any of the input fields holds a value lower than 18, then fields resets on calculus trigger, which makes it clear that one of you needs to wait a little while longer.
Age difference can either mean she is too young, too old, or just right, with fun messages informing you of the status. On the bright side, differences depend on the actual age values, allowing a bit of flexibility once couples are a little older.
In conclusion
Truth be told, Is She Age Appropriate? doesn’t really offer any real practicality since it’s only common knowledge regarding age differences, despite fluctuations in this feeling called love. For pure amusement though it works just fine, especially since there’s no upper limit to input values.


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Is She Age Appropriate


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System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.7 or later
1024 MB Free Disk Space
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