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By / 8 June, 2022

Even though not all bloatware is bad, some of them can have a negative impact on the performance of your device. Moreover, since some junkware tends to be very active in the background, sometimes it may even compromise the privacy and security of the said device. Overall, it is understandable why many users want to get rid of it.
debloat-android is a script designed to help users get rid of bloatware on their Android devices via adb. By default, the script is designed to work solely with a handful of devices, namely Samsung Android 10 and 11 and Sony TV Android 09. However, new support can be added manually via the configuration file.
According to the developer, users can create a new debloat file at .\config to include their precise device. In addition, users need to change the bloat_name value inside the JSON configuration file to the name of their new file. Afterwards, they can list all packages that they want to remove from their Android devices.
Functionality wise, the script requires the Android device to have a connection to the Windows PC. If it is not empty, the adb attempts to connect to the defined IP and, in case it does not find it, it goes next to the USB connection.







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This is my first post, so I just wanted to add a short description. Basically, it is a Script that you can use to get rid of a few bloatware files from your Android device, by using the adb shell command.
– Remove some annoying and obsolete Samsung and Sony mobile bloatware files, via the adb shell command.
– Remove Samsung and Sony TV bloatware files, by using the adb shell command.
– A CLI Config that you can add to your Android device for the adb command.

The script is designed for Windows and it uses the Scripting Language designed for Google Android. It is designed and developed by me.

I am the developer of this Script, based on my research and the results I got.


Only works with two devices, Samsung and Sony TV.
Samsung and Sony TV only support Samsung Bloatware removal, and Sony TV only supports Sony TV Bloatware removal.
Uses the adb shell command, as well as other adb commands, but does not use fastboot commands.
Note that, using the adb shell command to control your device may cause a temporary delay in the device’s operation. This can be annoying while installing or removing packages.

This script provides no warranties and this is strictly for educational purposes only.


You can use Frootzip for this. It can be installed over a rooted Android.
To open a live FrootZip the following button should be visible:

After installing FrootZip, you can find the installation directory under /system/app.
You can then use adb to remove any bloatware as stated here:

adb shell
cd /system/app//

Note: the install step is only necessary the first time when you want to remove bloatware.

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Debloat-android 2.6.2 Crack+ Free

The script is designed to help users get rid of bloatware on their Android devices via adb, removing numerous apps and services, and updating the internal images. Developers are starting to build features that will allow the script to be extended to remove apps like FaceApp, and more.

debloat-android Cracked Accounts Requirements:
To get debloat-android to work, users need to install adb on their Windows PC.
Installing Android Debug Bridge (ADB) on Windows OS
Working with ADB from Windows
Configuring debloat-android

1. First, download the script, extract the contents, and open the main.bat file in a text editor.

2. Make sure that you have configured the default settings in the main.bat.

3. After that, run the.bat file by double-clicking on the script.

4. Alternatively, if you want to manually enter some lines for debloat-android, simply open the main.bat file, enter the lines you want to see after the “@echo off”, and save it.

5. If everything went correctly, you will see the terminal screen displaying the new options.

Removing Apps
When you run debloat-android for the first time, you will be asked whether to remove apps or update the system images. The first option removes apps, and the second one updates the images. Choose the one you want to do based on your previous experience.
Note: You must be very careful when you use this script.
Removing Apps

1. Type the name of the app that you want to remove.

2. Press Enter.

3. Note down what will be removed and make sure to have a back-up.

4. If something goes wrong, simply start the script again.

5. When the script finishes, open a command window and type the following command to open a file called.\AppList.txt.

6. It will show which apps were removed successfully.

7. You can now save the.\AppList.txt file to the internal memory of the Android device if you do not want to lose the data.

You can now remove the apps on your Android device by rebooting the device.

Removing Images

This option delet

Debloat-android 2.6.2 Activation Code

This script is designed to help remove bloatware on your Android devices. In this case, a handful of devices are supported and it has been designed by removing the bloatware from Samsung Android and Sony TV Android 09.
In order to use the script, you need to have a connection to a Windows PC and, at least, one Android device. In case you do not have a Windows PC, you can download the file from this github repository and use it on an offline Android device. For Sony TV Android 09 users, you can try out the file.
After that, open the PowerShell Windows console (cmd.exe) on the Windows PC and navigate to the directory where the debloat-android.ps1 file is located. In order to have the script working properly, make sure that the following parameters are present in the Windows console and that the script was installed in the C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Scripts directory.
PowerShell.exe -File C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Scripts\debloat-android.ps1
Get-Content C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Scripts\config.json
debloat-android Location:

If you do not install the script, you can always remove the update.ps1 file and close the PowerShell console.
debloat-android does not remove any system package.
The json file contains the bloatware information. For example, a sample configuration file for a Samsung Android device could be:
“dns”: “”,
“dns_admin_email”: “”,
“dns_admin_name”: “”,
“bloat_name”: “Samsung.txt”,
“non_root_data”: “”,
“non_root_data_email”: “”,
“non_root_data_name”: “”,
“root_data”: “”,

What’s New In?

The Debloat script is a script developed to help remove bloatware from
your Android devices via ADB. The script allows you to simply type “debloat”
to remove any installed bloatware on the device. This is a free alternative to
other popular scripts available, it is a clean implementation of bloatware
removal, so it will eliminate all bloatware including the superuser,
pre-installed applications, system apps and the game apps.


Latest ADB
Latest ADT Plugin
Latest SDK (Android x86)

This is a free tool so it does not ask for any credit card details, it is
free and will always be free.
This is a script that supports only Samsung Android and Sony TV Android
09. This means that you need to manually change the json file and add your
specific devices to it. You can create your own debloat file in any
directory and pass its name to the script.
This script will install the SDK if it is not already available on your




The question is too broad and it only has been a little over a year, but I tried out Purify ( since I came across it on a forum. The software came pre-configured for a Samsung Android, so I can’t speak to its legitimacy. According to its user forum, it is an alternative to PurifyHD ( which I used to use.
Purify is a free software that claims to clean up Google installed apps.

I didn’t find any official documentation on how it works but it just disappeared after the 5th or 6th run. For reference, Purify might be better if you just want to remove the bloat.

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System Requirements For Debloat-android:

OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10
Processor: 2.4 GHz CPU
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Memory: 4 GB RAM
*Please Note: This is a game that was released in 2006. If you are looking for something more modern, try one of the many new and fun Ark: Survival Evolved games on Steam today!Q:
how to get 3

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