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PEChat is a LAN Chat application for windows written in Assembly language using NASM Assembler.
This application allows the users that are connected to enter to comunicate with each other.
Server side:
Run serv.exe in any system in the LAN.
Note down the IP address of the system.(type “ipconfig” in command prompt to get the ip of the system.)
Now that system will behave like our Chat server.
Now the server is ready to accept connections
Client side:
Run client.reg (though not mandatory).
Run client.exe (in other systems within LAN) to get connected to the server by specifying the IP Address of the server (where serv.exe is running.) 
(You can change the default ip to be displayed in the connection dialog by changing the value of the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPECHATDEFSERVIP)
Online users are shown in the listbox in the Main chat dialog.
All online users can participate in the Main conference chat
Private chat:
Double click any user in the listbox to start a private chat with that user.
Conference chat:
Click Conference in the menu to start a conference ( Ctrl+click to invite multiple users in the invite dialog.)
In Conference chat dialog , click Chat->invite to invite other users.
Click ‘Leave’ to leave the conference.

PEChat Free Download For PC

PEChat is a LAN chat application for windows written in Assembly language using NASM Assembler.
Support for multiplayer chat rooms
PEChat comes with a built-in text chat module which can be used by all other modules.
Built-in conference chat module that supports invitations.
Simple single user chat with text editing capabilities.
Text Editor:
Keyboard layouts – MMD, Keyman, KBD2, Qwerty, Colemak, DVORAK, Dvorak, IBM, Kinesis, Model, Colemak Dvorak.
Text editor with Line, Word, Column and Selection editing modes
Highlight option to highlight text.
Search in highlighted text for any character.
Unlimited character size.
Bidirectional copy and paste.
Spell checker option to help you spell check.
Export/Import Text files (.txt)
Code Editor:
PEChat comes with a built-in text editor for C code.
Code Editor with Line, Word, Column and Selection editing modes
Highlight option to highlight code.
Search in highlighted code for any character.
Unlimited character size.
Bidirectional copy and paste.
Code Syntax Highlighting (whitespace, keywords, etc)
Math syntax highlighter
Code Editor examples (Use the examples for Code Editor)
Bitmap Editor:
PEChat comes with a built-in image editor to create, save, load and display bitmaps (images) in different formats
Bitmap editor with File selector.
Save the bitmap as JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP
View the bitmap in a full screen window.
View the bitmap in an area smaller than the original window.
View the bitmap in an area smaller than the original window.
Add/Remove rounded corners to any bitmap.
Option to flip the bitmap horizontally or vertically
Image loading/saving option to save image to file or add image to file
Image editor examples (Use the examples for Bitmap Editor)
PEChat Directory Structure:
The application comes with a help folder that contains the help document, guide document, sample images and help images.
Directory structure contains following:
Sample (contains following)
Sample Images (fullscreen version).jpg (fullscreen version)
Sample Images (area smaller than original).jpg (area smaller than original)
Sample Images

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This allows you to use macros with your chat users.
Enable this by clicking Macros in the main dialog.
You can use only one macro at a time.
Press Esc to remove the current macro.
Enter all the text you want in the macro box.
Press Esc to end the macro.
Macro Example:
Intro : “Hello”
“Hello” :”Welcome to my Chat”
Chat MACRO Usage:
“Hello” “Hello”
“Hello” “Hello”
CHANNEL_ID_DLL Description:
By default CHANNEL_ID_DLL channel ID library (which is builtin) will be used, but you can change it using this key:

ID of the DLL to use: ID_PEChatdll (by default), ID_DLL
ID_PEChatdll = “C:\PEChat\PEChat.dll” (64-bit)
ID_DLL = “C:\PEChat\PEChatDll.dll” (64-bit)

If you open the chat program, you will see a link to a Lobby which is ready for you.
When you connect to a Lobby, you will be able to join the Lobby chat.
(1)You can start a Lobby with this key:
0 = Lobby is not in use.
1 = Lobby is being used.
2 = Lobby is being left.
3 = Lobby is in a wait state.

(2)You can join a Lobby with this key:
0 = Lobby is not in use.
1 = Lobby is being used.
2 = Lobby is being left.
3 = Lobby is in a wait state.

(3)You can leave a Lobby with this key:
0 = Lobby is not in use.
1 = Lobby is being used.
2 = Lobby is being left.

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Here’s a screen shot of the application :

Here are some requirements

System Requirements:

For OS:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
(PS: For later versions of Windows like Windows 8.1)
For Processor:
1.2 GHz or faster processor
10 MB disk space

Here is the source code.


OpenSlide is a commercial alternative to MSN Messenger. It allows chat rooms and private chats as well as file transfer.


There is also the open source chat program, ChatSecure.

You can install it on your computer, and it will run without an internet connection, so that you can chat with people that you don’t have access to.

ChatSecure is open source and free software, available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS.
You can find it in the Google Play Store or the F-Droid store.


Dictionary comprehension in Python

I have a question about dictionary comprehension in python. For example,
{x**2: y for x, y in zip([-1, 0, 1], [0, 1])}

This gives the dictionary [{0: 0}, {1: 1}, {2: 4}].
I can easily write the same without using dictionary comprehension. However, is it possible to do so with dictionary comprehension?


You can use a function that builds such a dictionary:
In [14]: def dict_comprehension(lst, key=lambda x: x**2):
….: return {x:key(y) for x, y in zip(lst, lst)}

In [15]: dict_comprehension([-1, 0, 1], key=lambda x: x**2)
Out[15]: {0: 0, 1: 1, 2: 4}

# (C) Copyright 2000-2006
# Wolfgang Denk, DENX Software Engineering,
# See file CREDITS for list of people who contributed to this

What’s New In?

A Chat application for multiple Users across a LAN
This application has been created for learning purposes
there are no intents of it being used as a LAN Chat system.
The authors wish to thank all the people that have helped them
in this project.
This application does not have a GUI and it is written purely in Assembly Language with AsmPro – Assembler
Source code of the source code(or any part of it) cannot be provided.
You may use this code to make a Program or Project of your own.
But please do not copy the source code and make it as your own.
Any help in creating a GUI or integrating the code with any other Code would be appreciated.
View the License Agreement for this software in Help.
Thank you for using this software.
About Us:
Jitendra Wadhwa,
Hamid Shaukat.

the Heart of Wonder

Into the Heart of Wonder is a children’s novel by British writer Terry Pratchett, first published in 1993. The book is about a young boy named Samuel Vimes, who is the adopted son of the elderly proprietor of the local brothel.

Samuel Vimes is ten years old when he becomes adopted by Madam Rolinda Bloodnmouth of the local brothel. He gradually learns that the women in the city are far more deceptive and complicated than he had been led to believe.

Samuel is a careful boy who is obsessed with bullies and dreams of being a policeman. He is also very bright, and soon becomes good friends with a number of the women, especially Sarah “Snork” Verbil. They live in an abandoned building that is being renovated and turned into a hotel. The building has a dungeon, where inmates are locked up in cells and subjected to various sexual and sadistic tortures.

Samuel comes across a book containing information on how to solve crimes. He starts keeping notes, and soon becomes so interested in the things that he learns that he goes into the underworld to solve the mysterious cases and discover the truth behind the city’s political intrigue.

Samuel’s obsession with mysteries eventually results in trouble for himself, and he is nearly in danger of being arrested. Sam becomes suspicious of his friends and confronts them.

He gets a surprise phone call from his Uncle Victor, his father’s brother. In reality he is the head of a guild, known as the Patricians. They are responsible for rounding up people and locking them away in prison, so they can be used to perform “jobs” for the city. When they are found out, they leave the city and vanish without a trace.

Samuel sets out to discover

System Requirements:

Mac OS X v10.8 or later
1024 MB RAM
50 MB available disk space
Java 1.6 or later (currently the latest version of Java is 1.7)
The latest version of The Mass Effect Trilogy is required, which can be obtained from the link on this page.
So get set, because you’ve got 6 hours, and I’ve got 6 minutes to get on with this.
1: The Arrival (Mass Effect 1)
Be prepared for the arrival of the Paragon team, who are

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