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Obviously, the only downside is that, as a standalone application, it requires to be installed in order to be used. Fortunately, you can get the bundled version for a bargain, which can be considerably reduced, as the list price is of €3.95. It does not, however, suggest to turn this feature off until you either remove the HostsServer or you bought the license because there is a fix-it version available that you could download and install on your own. 99d5d0dfd0

Project status

Jigsaw (official Java platform) ships with version 1.3.6 of Luaj.
In this release the JSR-223 JSDK was updated from 1.2.15 to 1.2.17. The javax.script javadocs introduced the javax.script.ScriptEngine javadocs to 1.2.18.
The javax.script javadocs introduced the j

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