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Create Your Contacts Faster and Easier than Ever!
When you are working with a large contact list, creating a new contact is tedious.
To create a new contact, you need to enter a name, address, email, phone number, etc.. While this task may be simple for someone with only a few contacts, it becomes difficult with a large contact list.
Insight Contact Management not only creates a new contact but it also creates and fills in any additional details that you may require.
All of your contacts are listed alphabetically in the alphabetized contact folder which is similar to Microsoft Outlook contacts. You can specify custom fields to display in the Contacts Explorer and right click any contact to quickly edit the field or email address. You can also mark contacts as unread to minimize the need to check email regularly.
Insight Contact Management can be set up to read and post Emails, Schedule Email Alerts, Email important contacts and search Contacts by Name, Email, Phone, Notes, Internet Address, Title, Organization and Address, Company, Physical Address, State, City, County, Zip, and by Customer, Prospect, or any other keyword.


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MACRO Description:
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This macro is useful for marking a field that should be removed or replaced in a future version of your code. This could be

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